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World Franchising Partners provides a multi-faceted back-office support system for franchise industry investors, private equity firms, lenders, attorneys, multi-unit franchisees and financial intermediaries. Whether you are looking for a detailed database of the franchising community. current or archived FDDs, or rigorous FDD-based analytics on franchise systems, we can generally fulfill your needs within 24 hours and at a reasonable cost.

Participation involves a $1,500 annual participation fee. This fee includes the first 20 (as needed) complimentary FDDs ($75 each) , a 20% discount on the Franchisor Database ($1,200 versus $1,500) and a complimentary Franchise Matrix™ analysis ($175 value). Benefits accrue at the firm level, not at the individual level (a firm with 20 partners needs to have only one active participant). Key benefits include:

Franchisor Database:

Our Franchisor Database contains over 50 fields and currently includes over 4,200 active North American franchisors and over 29,000 franchise industry professionals and their titles. The incremental cost of the database for our Partners is $1,250 per year (versus $1,500). Click here for a sample. The database is sorted by 4 Primary Categories (Food, Lodging, Retail and Service-Based); 28 Secondary Categories (such as Automotive, QSR and Pet Services) and over 250 Tertiary Categories (such as Massage Studios, Chicken Wing Restaurants and Pet Day Care). Easy sorts by investors and lenders can easily identify the relevant competition within a category. The database also identifies new franchisors (~500) that have been added to the database over the past 18 months. Database orders can be delivered within 24 hours. Custom sorts are also available for a minimum charge of $500.

The data in the database is based of extractions from a company’s most recent FDD, conference attendee lists, annual industry directories, company websites and other sources believed to be reliable. Fields in the database note whether or not the individual contacts have been verified as being active in 2016 – 2019. Even though we have the email addresses of the vast majority of industry contacts, because of the CAN-SPAM Act, we can only provide one email address per company.

For World Franchising Partners, we can provide custom email blasts that use your text, our segmented email addresses and a third party that specializes in maximizing the number of emails that get through to the intended recipient. Click here to learn more about the FranBlast program. Pricing varies depending upon your specific needs. All such blasts must be deemed of significant value to the recipients.


Our website has been active for ~10 years and has provided quick turn-around service on FDD orders. Our library includes ~95% of all FDDs issued over the past 3 years. As a World Franchising Partner, you will be provided with a link giving you immediate access (immediate downloading) to our library of over 5,800 2017, 2018 and 2019 FDDs. Or choose from over 25,000 pre-2017 archived FDDs and UFOCs, and email us the list of pre-2017 FDDs you would like us to forward. Click here to view the list of over 1,100 2019 FDDs received to date. Click here for over 2,300 2018 FDDs. Click here for over 2,400 2017 FDDs.

Downloads in excess of the initial 20 FDDs are invoiced on a sliding scale:

# of FDDs Ordered Over 12-Month PeriodCost Per FDD
1 – 2$100
3 – 5$90
6 – 10$80
11 – 20$70
21 – 30$65
Over 30$60

Our newest website – – identifies the “Best” franchisors in over 50 specific categories of the franchising industry. Click here for a sample analysis. The analysis is entirely arms-length and compares (generally) the 4 largest franchisors in each category. Meaningful Item 19s are heavily weighted in the scoring. Selection is based on extracting and then scoring ~50 data points from each company’s FDD.

Comparative In-Depth Franchise System Analysis:

program is a custom form of the FranCompare analysis and is a quick and invaluable tool to be used in evaluating potential investments prior to making a loan or financial commitment. The program allows you to select the companies you want analyzed (generally in the same sector) and compared. The analysis is based on ~60 data points extracted from a franchisor’s FDD and is scored (out of a maximum score of 1,200 on a thoughtful and consistent basis) and compared against competitors in a side-by-side presentation. Click here for a sample Franchise Matrix™ analysis. Apart from the obvious, some of the key factors evaluated are Return on Investment (Average Annual Sales / Average Total Investment), Compound Growth Rates, Continuity Rates, Turnover Rates, and Key Financial Ratios. Analyses require a minimum of 3 companies and are $175 per company. Results are generally returned within 24 hours. The first Franchise Matrix™ analysis for a single franchisor is complimentary.

The above elements of the World Franchising Partners are designed to provide back-office support that is fast, cost-effective and reliable. To learn more about the World Franchising Network, please click here.

Please email me or give us a call at (888) 612-9908 if you would like to learn more about World Franchising Partners.