27 - Services-General

/27 - Services-General
Sr. No.DBA NameLegal NameSub-categoryMost Recent
11-800-GOT-JUNK? (2017)1-800-GOT-JUNK?, LLC27 - Hauling & Junk Removal2017
21-800-Packouts (2017)1800Packouts Franchise, LLC27 - Storage Services2017
3ACFN - The ATM Franchise Business (2017)ACFN Franchised, Inc.27 - Service - General2017
4Affordable Restaurant Service and Equipment (Unit) (2017)Affordable Restaurant Service Holdings, LLC27 - Service - General2017
5AIM Mail Centers (2017)Annex Brands, Inc.27 - Mailing, Packaging, Shipping2017
6Alta Cal Tech Services (2017)Alta Cal Tech Services, Inc.27 - Service - General2017
7Any Lab Test Now (2017)Any Test Franchising, Inc.27 - Laboratory Services2017
8Apple Spice (2017)Cafe and Bakery Group, LLC27 - Food Delivery2017
9ARCpoint Labs (2017)ARCpoint Franchise Group, LLC27 - Laboratory Services2017
10Bin There Dump That / BTDT (Canada) (2017)Bin There USA, LLC27 - Hauling & Junk Removal2017
11Blue Moon Estate Sales (2017)Blue Moon Estate Sales USA, LLC27 - Estate Sales2017
12Cellairis (Retail, Kiosk & Unit) (2017)Cellairis Franchise, Inc.27 - Fax, Communication, Cellular2017
13Cellairis (Store-in-Store) (2017)Cellairis SNS, LLC27 - Fax, Communication, Cellular2017
14Certified Restoration DryCleaning Network (CRDN) (2017)Certified Restoration DryCleaning Network, LLC27 - Dry Cleaning/Laundry2017
15Cleaning Authority, The (2017)The Cleaning Authority, LLC27 - Maid Services2017
16Clothes Bin (2017)FLSC Recycling, LLC27 - Recycling2017
17College Hunks Hauling Junk / College Hunks Moving (2017)CHHJ Franchising, LLC27 - Hauling & Junk Removal2017
18Color Glo International (2017)CGI International, Inc.27 - Vinyl/Leather Repair2017
19Color Glo International (Red-Lined) (2017)CGI International, Inc.27 - Vinyl/Leather Repair2017
20Corporate Caterers (2017)Corporate Caterers Franchisor, LLC27 - Food Delivery2017
21Creative Colors International (2017)Creative Colors International, Inc.27 - Vinyl/Leather Repair2017
22D?cor & You (2017)Decor & You, Inc.27 - Interior Decorating Services2017
23Decorating Den Interiors (2017)Decorating Den Systems, Inc.27 - Interior Decorating Services2017
24Dream Dinners (2017)Dream Dinners, Inc.27 - Food Delivery2017
25eMaids (2017)eMaids Franchising, LLC27 - Maid Services2017
26Environment Control (2017)Environment Control Building Maintenance Company27 - Environmental Consulting2017
27Family Financial Centers (2017)Family Financial Centers, LLC27 - Check Cashing/Protection2017
28Fastest Labs (2017)Fas-Tes Franchise Systems, LLC27 - Laboratory Services2017
29Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions (2017)The Filta Group, Inc.27 - Environmental Consulting2017
30FreedomMaid (2017)Freedommaid Franchise Group, LLC27 - Maid Services2017
31Go Mini's Moving & Portable Storage (2017)Go Mini's Franchising, LLC27 - Moving Services2017
32Go Telecare (2017)ATN Care Franchising, LLC27 - Service - General2017
33Grason's Co. (2017)B&P Burke, Inc.27 - Estate Sales2017
34Handle With Care Packaging Store (2017)Annex Brands, Inc.27 - Mailing, Packaging, Shipping2017
35Interiors by Decorating Den (2017)Decorating Den Systems, Inc.27 - Interior Decorating Services2017
36InXpress (2017)InXpress, LLC27 - Mailing, Packaging, Shipping2017
37iSold It (2017)Blue Stamp Franchise Company27 - Mailing, Packaging, Shipping2017
38Izsam (2017)SCJS Franchising, Inc.27 - Hauling & Junk Removal2017
39JDog Junk Removal & Hauling (2017)JDog Franchises, LLC27 - Hauling & Junk Removal2017
40Junk King (2017)Junk King Franchise Systems, Inc.27 - Hauling & Junk Removal2017
41JunkAway (2017)JunkAway Franchising Group, LLC27 - Hauling & Junk Removal2017
42Junkluggers (2017)Junkluggers Franchising, LLC27 - Hauling & Junk Removal2017
43Kwik Kopy Business Center (2017)Kwik Kopy Business Centers, Inc.27 - Mailing, Packaging, Shipping2017
44Lapels Dry Cleaning (2017)Next Step Franchising, Inc.27 - Dry Cleaning/Laundry2017
45Luggers Moving (2017)Junkluggers Franchising, LLC27 - Moving Services2017
46LuggersMoving (2017)Junkluggers Franchising, LLC27 - Moving Services2017
47Maid Brigade (2017)Maid Brigade, Inc.27 - Maid Services2017
48Maid Right (2017)Maid Right Franchising, LLC27 - Maid Services2017
49Maid Simple House Cleaning (2017)Maid Brigade, Inc.27 - Maid Services2017
50Maid to Perfection (2017)Maid To Perfection Global, Inc.27 - Maid Services2017
51MaidPro (2017)MaidPro Franchise Corporation27 - Maid Services2017
52Maids by Trade (2017)Purple Forte, LLC27 - Maid Services2017
53Maids, The (2017)The Maids International, Inc27 - Maid Services2017
54Martinizing Dry Cleaning (2017)Martinizing International, LLC27 - Dry Cleaning/Laundry2017
55Merry Maids (2017)Merry Maids Limited Partnership27 - Maid Services2017
56Molly Maid (2017)Molly Maid, LLC27 - Maid Services2017
57MyWay Mobile Storage (2017)MW Equity, Inc.27 - Storage Services2017
58Navis Pack & Ship (2017)Annex Brands, Inc.27 - Mailing, Packaging, Shipping2017
59Neat Method (2017)NM Franchise Operations, LLC27 - Service - General2017
60NorthStar Moving Company (2017)NorthStar Franchising, LLC27 - Moving Services2017
61OneClick Cleaners (2017)OneClick Cleaners, Inc.27 - Dry Cleaning/Laundry2017
62Pak Mail Centers of America (2017)Pak Mail Centers of America, Inc.27 - Mailing, Packaging, Shipping2017
63Pak Mail Freight (2017)Annex Brands, Inc.27 - Mailing, Packaging, Shipping2017
64Parcel Plus (2017)Annex Brands27 - Mailing, Packaging, Shipping2017
65Phone-n-Fix (2017)PNF Franchising, LLC27 - Fax, Communication, Cellular2017
66Plantopia (2017)Plantopia Franchise System, LLC27 - Interior Decorating Services2017
67Postal Annex+ (2017)Annex Brands, Inc.27 - Mailing, Packaging, Shipping2017
68Postal Connections and iSold It (2017)Blue Stamp Franchise Company27 - Mailing, Packaging, Shipping2017
69PostNet (2017)PostNet International Franchise Corporation27 - Mailing, Packaging, Shipping2017
70Redbox+ (2017)Red Box+, LLC27 - Hauling & Junk Removal2017
71Royal Restrooms (2017)Royal Restrooms Management, LLC27 - Service - General2017
72Safe Ship (2017)Shipping Franchise Holding Corp.27 - Mailing, Packaging, Shipping2017
73School Spirit Vending (2017)SSV Franchising, LLC27 - Service - General2017
74Sears Maid Services (2017)Sears Home & Business Franchises, Inc.27 - Maid Services2017
75Skinny Wimp Moving (Unit/Area Dev.) (2017)Skinny Wimp Moving Franchise Corporation27 - Moving Services2017
76Snackdash (2017)Snackdash LC27 - Food Delivery2017
77Storage Authority (2017)Storage Authority, LLC27 - Storage Services2017
78Sunshine Pack & Ship USA (2017)Annex Brands, Inc.27 - Mailing, Packaging, Shipping2017
79Tide Dry Cleaners (2017)Agile Pursuits Franchising, Inc.27 - Dry Cleaning/Laundry2017
80Two Maids & A Mop (2017)Two Maids Franchising, LLC27 - Maid Services2017
81Two Men And A Truck (2017)Two Men And A Truck International, Inc.27 - Moving Services2017
82Unishippers (2017)Unishippers Global Logistics, LLC27 - Mailing, Packaging, Shipping2017
83United Check Cashing (2017)United Financial Services Group, Inc.27 - Check Cashing/Protection2017
84Units Mobile Storage (2017)Units Franchising Group, Inc.27 - Storage Services2017
85UPS Store, The (Non-Traditional) (2017)The UPS Store, Inc.27 - Mailing, Packaging, Shipping2017
86UPS Store, The (Traditional) (2017)The UPS Store, Inc.27 - Mailing, Packaging, Shipping2017
87WaveMax Coin Laundry (Area Rep.) (2017)WaveMAX Franchise, LLC27 - Dry Cleaning/Laundry2017
88WaveMax Coin Laundry (Unit) (2017)WaveMAX Franchise, LLC27 - Dry Cleaning/Laundry2017
89Wireless Zone (2017)Wireless Zone, LLC27 - Fax, Communication, Cellular2017
90Worldwide Express (2017)Worldwide Express Operations, LLC27 - Mailing, Packaging, Shipping2017
91You Move Me (Canada) (2017)You Move Me, LLC27 - Moving Services2017
92You've Got MAIDS (2017)YGM Franchise, LLC27 - Maid Services2017
93Zippy Shell (2017)Zippy Shell Incorporated27 - Moving Services2017
94ZIPS Dry Cleaners (2017)ZIPS Franchising, LLC27 - Dry Cleaning/Laundry2017