25 - Retail Stores

/25 - Retail Stores
Sr. No.DBA NameLegal NameSub-categoryMost Recent
11-800-Radiator & A/C (2018)1-800-Radiator Franchisor SPV, LLC25 - Auto Parts2018
27-Eleven (Unit) (2018)7-Eleven, Inc.25 - Convenience Stores2018
37-Eleven Now (Micro Market) (2018)7-Eleven, Inc.25 - Convenience Stores2018
4986 Pharmacy (2018)986 Degrees Corp.25 - Drugstores & Pharmacies2018
5Abbey Carpet & Floor (2018)Abbey Carpet Co., Inc.25 - Carpet & Floor Covering Stores2018
6Ace Hardware (2018)Ace Hardware Corp.25 - Hardware Stores2018
7Apricot Lane Boutique (Unit) (2018)Country Visions, Inc.25 - Clothing (Non-Athletic) & Accessories Stores2018
8Art Recovery Technologies (ART) (2018)Restoration Specialties Franchise Group, LLC25 - Art, Prints & Framing Stores2018
9Art Van (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)AVF Franchising, LLC25 - Home Furnishing Stores2018
10Batteries Plus Bulbs (Unit) (2018)Batteries Plus, LLC25 - Batteries2018
11Ben's Barketplace (2018)Ben's Barketplace, Inc.25 - Pet-Related Stores2018
12Betsey's Boutique Shop (2018)Betsey's Boutique Development, LLC25 - Clothing (Non-Athletic) & Accessories Stores2018
13Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More (2018)Big Frog Custom T-Shirts, Inc.25 - Clothing (Non-Athletic) & Accessories Stores2018
14BoConcept Urban Design (2018)BoConcept Franchise, Inc.25 - Home Furnishing Stores2018
15Bricks & Minifigs (2018)BAM Franchising, Inc.25 - Resale & Consignment Stores2018
16Budget Blinds (2018)Budget Blinds, LLC25 - Window Treatment & Blind Stores2018
17Buff City Soap (2018)Buff City Soap Franchising, LLC25 - Specialty Retail Stores2018
18Chevron / Texaco (Branded Marketer) (2018)Chevron U.S.A. Inc.25 - Specialty Retail Stores2018
19Chevron / Texaco (Service Station) (2018)Chevron U.S.A. Inc.25 - Specialty Retail Stores2018
20Children's Orchard (2018)Children's Orchard, LLC25 - Resale & Consignment Stores2018
21Clothes Bin (2018)FLSC Recycling, LLC25 - Resale & Consignment Stores2018
22Clothes Mentor (2018)Clothes Mentor, LLC25 - Resale & Consignment Stores2018
23Cornwell Quality Tools (2018)The Cornwell Quality Tools Company25 - Tool Stores2018
24Crossing the Jordan (2018)Crossing the Jordan Franchise Corp.25 - Clothing (Non-Athletic) & Accessories Stores2018
25Crown Trophy (2018)Crown Trophy, Inc.25 - Specialty Retail Stores2018
26Deck The Walls (2018)Franchise Concepts, Inc.25 - Art, Prints & Framing Stores2018
27Earthwise Pet Supply / Nature's Pet Market (2018)NPM Franchising, LLC25 - Pet-Related Stores2018
28Experimac (2018)Experimac Franchising, LLC25 - Resale & Consignment Stores2018
29ExtraMile - Chevron (2018)ExtraMile Convenience Stores LLC25 - Specialty Retail Stores2018
30Fast Undercar (2018)Fast Undercar Franchise Corp.25 - Auto Parts2018
31Fast-Fix Jewelry & Watch Repairs (2018)Jewelry Repair Enterprises, Inc.25 - Specialty Retail Stores2018
32FASTSIGNS (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)FASTSIGNS International, Inc.25 - Sign Stores2018
33Fleet Feet Sports (2018)Fleet Feet, Incorporated25 - Athletic Clothing & Footwear Stores2018
34Flip Flop Shops (2018)Flip Flop Shops Franchise Company, LLC25 - Footwear (Non-Athletic) Shoes2018
35Floor Coverings International (2018)Floorcoverings International, Ltd.25 - Carpet & Floor Covering Stores2018
36Floors To Go (2018)Floors To Go, LLC25 - Carpet & Floor Covering Stores2018
37Flower Tent (2018)Flower Tent USA, Inc.25 - Flower Stores2018
38Galt Pharmaceuticals (2018)Galt Phranchise Systems, LLC25 - Drugstores & Pharmacies2018
39Game Kastle (2018)Game Kastle Universe, LLC25 - Hobby, Toy & Craft Stores2018
40GNC Franchising (GNC Live Well / General Nutrition Centers) (2018)General Nutrition Corp.25 - Nutrition & Vitamin Stores2018
41Good Feet Store, The (2018)Good Feet Worldwide, LLC25 - Footwear (Non-Athletic) Shoes2018
42Gotcha Covered (2018)Gotcha Covered Franchising, LLC25 - Window Treatment & Blind Stores2018
43Great Frame Up, The (2018)Franchise Concepts, Inc.25 - Art, Prints & Framing Stores2018
44Halloween Express (2018)Halloween Express, LLC25 - Specialty Retail Stores2018
45HobbyTown USA (2018)Hobby Town Unlimited, Inc.25 - Hobby, Toy & Craft Stores2018
46Holiday Stationstores (2018)Holiday Diversified Services, Inc.25 - Convenience Stores2018
47Just Between Friends (2018)Just Between Friends Franchise System, Inc.25 - Resale & Consignment Stores2018
48Kid to Kid (2018)Kid to Kid Franchise System, Inc.25 - Resale & Consignment Stores2018
49Learning Express Toys (2018)Learning Express, Inc.25 - Hobby, Toy & Craft Stores2018
50Lifetime Blinds (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)Lifetime Blinds, Inc.25 - Window Treatment & Blind Stores2018
51Mac Tools (2018)Stanley Industrial & Automotive, LLC25 - Tool Stores2018
52Made in the Shade Blinds & More (2018)Made in the Shade Blinds & More, LLC25 - Window Treatment & Blind Stores2018
53Mainstream Boutique (Area Rep.) (2018)Mainstream Fashions Franchising, Inc.25 - Clothing (Non-Athletic) & Accessories Stores2018
54Mainstream Boutique (Unit) (2018)Mainstream Fashions Franchising, Inc.25 - Clothing (Non-Athletic) & Accessories Stores2018
55Matco Tools (2018)Matco Tools Corp.25 - Tool Stores2018
56Mattress Depot USA (2018)Mattress Depot USA, Inc.25 - Mattress Stores2018
57Metal Supermarkets (Canada) (2018)Metal Supermarkets Franchising America, Inc.25 - Hardware Stores2018
58Mighty Auto Parts (2018)MDSA, LLC25 - Auto Parts2018
59More Space Place (2018)Closets Unlimited of New Jersey, Inc.25 - Home Furnishing Stores2018
60Music Go Round (2018)Winmark Corp.25 - Resale & Consignment Stores2018
61NTY Clothing Exchange (2018)NTY Clothing Exchange, LLC25 - Resale & Consignment Stores2018
62Nutrition Zone (2018)Nutrition Zone Franchising, Inc.25 - Nutrition & Vitamin Stores2018
63Once Upon a Child (2018)Winmark Corp.25 - Resale & Consignment Stores2018
64Pacific Power Batteries (2018)Pacific Franchising, LLC25 - Batteries2018
65Pandora Jeweley (2018)Pandora Franchising, LLC25 - Clothing (Non-Athletic) & Accessories Stores2018
66Pet Depot (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)Labrador Franchises, Inc25 - Pet-Related Stores2018
67Pet Supplies Plus (Unit/Multi-Unit) (2018)PSP Franchising, LLC25 - Pet-Related Stores2018
68Pet Wants (2018)Pet Wants Franchise System, LLC25 - Pet-Related Stores2018
69Petland (2018)Petland, Inc.25 - Pet-Related Stores2018
70Plato's Closet (2018)Winmark Corp.25 - Resale & Consignment Stores2018
71Play It Again Sports (2018)Winmark Corp.25 - Resale & Consignment Stores2018
72Preppy Pet (Unit) (2018)Preppy Pet Franchises, Inc.25 - Pet-Related Stores2018
73Presents of Mine (2018)Presents of Mine Franchising Company, LLC25 - Specialty Retail Stores2018
74Pro Image Sports (2018)Pro Image Franchise, L.C.25 - Athletic Clothing & Footwear Stores2018
75ProSource Wholesale Showroom (2018)Leading Edge Marketing, Inc.25 - Carpet & Floor Covering Stores2018
76Raceway (2018)RW Venture Holdings, Inc.25 - Convenience Stores2018
77Real Deals on Home Decor (2018)Real Deals, Inc.25 - Home Furnishing Stores2018
78Relax The Back (2018)Relax The Back Corp.25 - Specialty Retail Stores2018
79Signarama (2018)Sign-A-Rama, Inc.25 - Sign Stores2018
80Signs By Tomorrow / Image360/ Signs Now (Red-Lined) (2018)Sign & Graphics Operations, LLC25 - Sign Stores2018
81Slumberland Furniture (2018)Slumberland Franchising, Inc.25 - Home Furnishing Stores2018
82SmartView Window Solutions (Co-Brand) (2018)Moran Family of Brands25 - Window Treatment & Blind Stores2018
83SmartView Window Solutions (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)Moran Family of Brands25 - Window Treatment & Blind Stores2018
84Snap-On (2018)Snap-on Tools Company, LLC25 - Tool Stores2018
85Soccer Post (2018)Elite Sports Enterprises, Inc.25 - Athletic Clothing & Footwear Stores2018
86Style Encore (2018)Winmark Corp.25 - Resale & Consignment Stores2018
87SuperAmerica (2018)SuperAmerica Franchising, LLC25 - Convenience Stores2018
88TaylorMarie's (2018)TaylorMarie's Franchising Company, LLC25 - Clothing (Non-Athletic) & Accessories Stores2018
89Three Dog Bakery (2018)Three Dog Bakery, LLC25 - Pet-Related Stores2018
90Uptown Cheapskate (2018)Uptown Cheapskate, LLC25 - Resale & Consignment Stores2018
91Velofix (2018)Velofix Holdings USA, Inc.25 - Specialty Retail Stores2018
92Verlo Mattress (2018)FWR, LLC25 - Mattress Stores2018
93Wild Bird Centers (2018)Wild Bird Centers of America, Inc.25 - Pet-Related Stores2018
94Wild Birds Unlimited (2018)Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc.25 - Pet-Related Stores2018
95Window World (2018)Window World, Inc.25 - Window Treatment & Blind Stores2018
96Woodcraft (2018)Woodcraft Franchise, LLC25 - Hobby, Toy & Craft Stores2018
97YESCO (2018)YESCO Franchising, LLC25 - Sign Stores2018