24 - Retail Food - Specialty

/24 - Retail Food - Specialty
Sr. No.DBA NameLegal NameSub-categoryMost Recent
1Auntie Anne's (2020)Auntie Anne's Franchisor SPV, LLC24 - Pretzel Stores2020
2Beef Jerky Outlet (Unit/Multi-Unit) (2020)The Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise, Inc.24 - Specialty & Gourmet Retail Food2020
3Ben's Soft Pretzels (2020)Ben's Soft Pretzels Franchising Corp.24 - Pretzel Stores2020
4Chocolate Bash (Unit/Multi-Unit) (2020)Chocolate Bash Franchising, LLC24 - Chocolate & Candy Stores2020
5Culligan International (2020)Culligan International Company24 - Vending & Purified Water & Ice2020
6Edible Arrangements (2020)Edible Arrangements, LLC24 - Specialty & Gourmet Retail Food2020
7EnzaFruit Products (2020)EnzaFruit Products, Inc.24 - Grocery Stores & Liquor Stores2020
8Everbowl (Unit/Area Dev.) (2020)Everbowl Franchise, LLC24 - Health Food Stores2020
9HoneyBaked Ham Co., The (2020)The HBH Franchise Company, LLC24 - Specialty & Gourmet Retail Food2020
10Kilwins Chocolate & Ice Cream Store (2020)Kilwins Chocolates Franchise, Inc.24 - Chocolate & Candy Stores2020
11Piggly Wiggly Midwest (2020)Piggly Wiggly Midwest, LLC24 - Grocery Stores & Liquor Stores2020
12Pretzelmaker (Unit/Area Dev.) (2020)PM Franchising, LLC24 - Pretzel Stores2020
13Rocket Fizz (Unit/Area Dev.) (2020)RPM Summit Group, LLC24 - Chocolate & Candy Stores2020
14Spice & Tea Exchange, The (Unit/Area Dev.) (2020)The Spice & Tea Exchange Franchising, LLC24 - Spices & Oils Stores2020
15Totally Nutz (Unit/Multi-Unit) (2020)Totally Nutz Franchise, LLC24 - Nuts & Popcorn Stores2020
16Wateria (2020)Yesone Corporation24 - Vending & Purified Water & Ice2020
17Wetzel's Pretzels (Unit/Multi-Unit) (2020)Wetzel's Pretzels, LLC24 - Pretzel Stores2020
18WineStyles Tasting Station (2020)Tasting Station, Inc.24 - Specialty & Gourmet Retail Food2020