21 - QSR & Sit-Down Restaurants

/21 - QSR & Sit-Down Restaurants
Sr. No.DBA NameLegal NameSub-categoryMost Recent
1A&W All American Food / A&W Restaurants (Co-Brand) (2018)A&W Restaurants, Inc.21 - Hamburgers - Investment $1MM - $2MM2018
2A&W All American Food / A&W Restaurants (Location) (2018)A&W Restaurants, Inc.21 - Hamburgers - Investment $1MM - $2MM2018
3A&W All American Food / A&W Restaurants (Unit) (2018)A&W Restaurants, Inc.21 - Hamburgers - Investment $1MM - $2MM2018
4Ace Sushi (2018)Ace Sushi Franchise Corporation21 - Sushi2018
5American Deli (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)American Deli International, Inc.21 - Deli2018
6Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar (Unit) (2018)Applebee's Franchisor, LLC21 - Full Service Restaurants with Bar2018
7Arby's (Unit) (2018)Arby's Franchisor, LLC21 - Sandwich Restaurants2018
8Bar Louie (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)BL Restaurant Franchises, LLC21 - Bar & Grill2018
9Beach Hut Deli, The (2018)Beach Hut, LLC21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2018
10Beard Papa's (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)Muginoho International, Inc.21 - Bread & Bakery Cafe2018
11Benvenuto's Italian Grill (Unit) (2018)Benvenuto's Franchising Systems, LLC21 - Italian2018
12Black Bear Diner (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)BBDI, LLC21 - Diners2018
13Blazing Onion Burger Company (Unit/Multi-Unit) (2018)Blazing Onion Franchising, LLC21 - Hamburgers - Investment $1MM - $2MM2018
14Blimpie America's Sub Shop (Traditional/Non-Traditional) (2018)Kahala Franchising, LLC21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2018
15Blimpie America's Sub Shop (Unit) (2018)Kahala Franchising, LLC21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2018
16BluTaco (2018)BluTaco Franchising, LLC21 - Mexican2018
17Boiling Crab, The (2018)Boiling Crab Franchise Co., LLC21 - Seafood2018
18Bojangles' Restaurant (2018)Bojangles' International, LLC21 - Chicken - Investment >$1MM2018
19BomboBar Cafe (Unit) (2018)Bombo Bar, LLC21 - Cafe2018
20Bombshells Restaurant & Bar (2018)BMB Franchising Services, Inc.21 - Sports Bar2018
21BonChon Chicken (2018)BonChon Franchise, LLC21 - Korean2018
22Breadsmith (2018)Breadsmith Franchising, Inc.21 - Bread & Bakery Cafe2018
23Buck's Pizza (2018)Buck's Pizza Franchising Corporation, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment <$500K2018
24Buffalo Wild Wings (2018)Buffalo Wild Wings International, Inc.21 - Wings2018
25Buffalo Wings & Rings (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)Buffalo Wings & Rings, LLC21 - Wings2018
26BurgerFi (2018)BurgerFi International, LLC21 - Hamburgers - Investment $600K - $1MM2018
27Captain Tony's Pizza & Pasta Emporium (2018)Captain Tony's Pizza, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment <$500K2018
28Charleys Philly Steaks (2018)Gosh Enterprises, Inc.21 - Cheesesteak2018
29Chester's Restaurant (Traditional/Non-Traditional) (2018)Chester's International, LLC21 - Chicken - Investment <$500K2018
30Chicago's Pizza With A Twist (2018)Chicago's Pizza With a Twist Franchising, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment <$500K2018
31Chick-fil-A (2018)Chick-fil-A, Inc.21 - Chicken - Investment >$1MM2018
32Cool Hand Luke's Steakhouse/Saloon (2018)Heritage Restaurant Brands, LP21 - Steakhouses2018
33CoreLife Eatery (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)CoreLife Eatery Franchisor, LLC21 - Health-Related Food2018
34Cousins Subs (2018)Cousins Subs Systems, Inc.21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2018
35Curry Up Now (Unit/Multi-Unit) (2018)Francun, Inc.21 - Indian2018
36Domino's Pizza (2018)Domino's Pizza Franchising, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment <$500K2018
37Doner Kebab Outlet (2018)GDK USA, Inc.21 - Mediterranean2018
38DQ Grill & Chill (2018)American Dairy Queen Corporation21 - Hamburgers - Investment $1MM - $2MM2018
39DQ Treat (2018)American Dairy Queen Corporation21 - Hamburgers - Investment $600K - $1MM2018
40Dream Dinners (2018)Dream Dinners, Inc.21 - Prepared Meals2018
41Earl of Sandwich (2018)Earl of Sandwich (USA), LLC21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2018
42Epic Wings (Red-Lined) (2018)Sacco Restaurants, Inc.21 - Chicken - Investment <$500K2018
43Extreme Pita (2018)MTY Franchising USA, Inc.21 - Pita2018
44Falbo Bros Pizzeria (2018)Culinary Management Services, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment <$500K2018
45Fat Shack (2018)Fat Shack America, LLC21 - Sandwich Restaurants2018
46Figaro's Pizza (2018)Figaro's Italian Pizza, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment <$500K2018
47Firehouse Subs (2018)Firehouse of America, LLC21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2018
48Firenza Pizza (2018)Great Food and Friends, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment <$500K2018
49Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers (2018)Freddy's, LLC21 - Hamburgers - Investment $1MM - $2MM2018
50Fuji Grill (2018)Fuji Grill, Inc.21 - Japanese2018
51Golden Corral Buffet & Grill (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)Golden Corral Franchising Systems, Inc.21 - Buffet2018
52Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs (2018)Mr. Goodcents Franchise Systems, Inc.21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2018
53Great Greek Mediterranean Grill (2018)Great Greek Franchising, LLC21 - Mediterranean2018
54Great Harvest Bread Co. (2018)Great Harvest Franchising, Inc.21 - Bread & Bakery Cafe2018
55Great Steak (2018)Kahala Franchising, LLC21 - Cheesesteak2018
56Ground Round Grill & Bar / Ground Round Sports Grille (2018)Ground Round Independent Owners Cooperative, LLC21 - Bar & Grill2018
57Happy Joe's Pizza & Ice Cream Parlor (2018)Happy Joe's Franchising, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment $500K -$1M2018
58Hiccups Restaruant & Teahouse (Unit) (2018)Hiccups Franchising Corp21 - South East Asian2018
59Hissho / Oumi Sushi (2018)Hissho International, LLC21 - Sushi2018
60Huckleberry's Restaurant (2018)Heritage Restaurant Brands, LP21 - Family-Style Restaurants2018
61Hungry Howie's Flavored Crust Pizza (2018)Hungry Howie's Pizza & Subs, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment <$500K2018
62IHOP / International House of Pancakes (Full-Service) (2018)IHOP Franchisor, LLC21 - Breakfast & Pancake Restaurants2018
63IHOP Express (Non-Traditional) (2018)IHOP Franchisor, LLC21 - Breakfast & Pancake Restaurants2018
64Jack in the Box (2018)Jack in the Box, Inc.21 - Hamburgers - Investment >$2MM2018
65Jason's Deli (2018)Deli Management, Inc.21 - Deli2018
66Jersey Mike's Subs (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)Jersey Mike's Franchise Systems, Inc.21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2018
67Johnny Rockets (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)Johnny Rockets Licensing, LLC21 - Diners2018
68Johnny's Italian Steakhouse (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)JIS Franchising, LLC21 - Italian2018
69Juan Pollo Restaurant (2018)Juan Pollo Franchising, Inc.21 - Chicken - Investment <$500K2018
70KFC / Kentucky Fried Chicken (Express) (2018)KFC US, LLC21 - Chicken - Investment <$500K2018
71KFC / Kentucky Fried Chicken (Traditional) (2018)KFC US, LLC21 - Chicken - Investment >$1MM2018
72La Bamba (2018)La Bamba Franchise Services, LLC21 - Mexican2018
73Little Big Burger (2018)LBB Franchising, LLC21 - Hamburgers - Investment <$600K2018
74Little Caesars (2018)Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment <$500K2018
75Marco's Pizza (2018)Marco's Franchising, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment <$500K2018
76Marugame Udon & Tempura (2018)Marugame Franchising, LLC21 - Japanese2018
77McAlister's Deli (2018)McAlister's Franchisor SPV, LLC21 - Deli2018
78Mellow Mushroom Restaurant (2018)Home-Grown Industries of Georgia, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment $500K-$1MM2018
79Melting Pot Restaurant, The (2018)The Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc.21 - Bar & Grill2018
80Mio Sushi (2018)Mio Sushi International, Inc.21 - Sushi2018
81Moe's Southwest Grill (2018)Moe's Franchisor SPV, LLC21 - Mexican2018
82Monical's Pizza (2018)Monical Pizza Corporation21 - Pizza - Investment <$500K2018
83MOOYAH Burgers Fries Shakes (2018)MOOYAH Franchise LLC21 - Hamburgers - Investment <$600K2018
84Noodles & Company (2018)Noodles & Company21 - Asian Fusion2018
85Paisano's (2018)Paisano's Franchise System, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment $500K -$1M2018
86Panchero's Mexican Grill (2018)Panchero's Franchise Corporation21 - Mexican2018
87Panera Bread Bakery-Cafe (2018)Panera, LLC21 - Bread & Bakery Cafe2018
88Papa John's (Traditional/Non-Traditional) (2018)Papa John's International, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment <$500K2018
89Papa Murphy's (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)Papa Murphy's International, LLC21 - Prepared Meals2018
90Paulie Gee's Pizza (2018)Paulie Gee's Franchising, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment <$500K2018
91Pedro's Tacos (2018)PT Foods, LLC21 - Mexican2018
92Perko's Caf? & Grill (2018)Heritage Restaurant Brands, LP21 - Bar & Grill2018
93Pieology Pizzeria (2018)Pieology Franchise, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment $500K -$1MM2018
94Pita Pit (2018)Pita Pit, Inc.21 - Pita2018
95Pizza Bell Hop (2018)Pizza Bell Hop, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment <$500K2018
96Pizza Hut - Express (2018)Pizza Hut, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment <$500K2018
97Pizza Hut - Traditional (2018)Pizza Hut, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment >$1MM2018
98Pizza Man, He Delivers (2018)El Centro Foods, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment <$500K2018
99Pizza Press, The (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)RMS Franchise Group, lnc.21 - Pizza - Investment $500K -$1MM2018
100Pizza Ranch, The (2018)Pizza Ranch, Inc.21 - Buffet2018
101Pizza Schmizza / Schmizza Pub & Grub / Schmizza Public House (2018)Schmizza International, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment <$500K2018
102Poke Company, The (2018)1045 Franchising, LLC21 - Poke2018
103Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen (2018)Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.21 - Chicken - Investment >$1MM2018
104Port of Subs (Traditional/Non-Traditional) (2018)Port of Subs, Inc.21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2018
105Qdoba Restaurant (2018)Qdoba Restaurant Corporation21 - Mexican2018
106Quaker Steak & Lube (2018)QSL Franchise Systems, LLC21 - Steakhouses2018
107Quiznos / Quiznos Sub (Traditional/Non-Traditional) (2018)QFA Royalties, LLC21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2018
108Red Brick Pizza (2018)Red Brick Pizza FC, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment <$500K2018
109Red's Savoy Pizza, The (2018)Red's Savoy Franchise, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment $500K -$1MM2018
110Rice King (2018)Rice King II, Inc.21 - Asian Fusion2018
111Rock & Brews (2018)Rock & Brews Franchising, LLC21 - Bar & Grill2018
112Rocky Rococo Pizza and Pasta (2018)Rococo Franchise Corporation21 - Pizza - Investment <$500K2018
113Roly Poly Sandwiches (Unit) (2018)Roly Poly Franchise Systems, LLC21 - Sandwich Restaurants2018
114Rosati's Pizza (2018)Rosati's Franchising, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment <$500K2018
115Saladworks (2018)Saladworks, LLC21 - Soups & Salads2018
116Samurai Sam's Teriyaki Grill (2018)Kahala Franchising, LLC21 - Japanese2018
117Schlotzsky's Restaurant (2018)Schlotzsky's Franchisor SPV, LLC21 - Sandwich Restaurants2018
118Smoke's Poutinerie Restaurant (2018)Smoke's Poutinerie U.S. Franchising, Inc.21 - French Fries & Baked Potato2018
119Snow Fox (2018)JFE Franchising, Inc.21 - Sushi2018
120Sombrero Mexican Food (2018)Sombrero Franchise, Inc.21 - Mexican2018
121Steak Escape Sandwich Grill (2018)Escape Enterprises, Ltd.21 - Cheesesteak2018
122Taco Bell (Traditional) (Unit) (2018)Taco Bell Franchisor, LLC21 - Mexican2018
123Taco Bell Express - Traditional (Unit) (2018)Taco Bell Franchisor, LLC21 - Mexican2018
124Taco Del Mar (2018)TDM Franchising, LLC21 - Mexican2018
125Taco John's (2018)Taco John's International, Inc.21 - Mexican2018
126Taco Time (2018)Kahala Franchising, LLC21 - Mexican2018
127Teriyaki Madness (2018)M.H. Franchise Company, Inc.21 - Japanese2018
128Thai Express (2018)MTY Franchising USA, Inc.21 - South East Asian2018
129Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery (2018)Tilted Kilt Franchise Operating, LLC21 - Sports Bar2018
130Tom's Urban (2018)Tom's Urban Franchising, LLC21 - Sports Bar2018
131Toppers Pizza (2018)Topper's Pizza, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment <$500K2018
132Uberrito Fresh Mex (2018)Burrito Holdings Franchise Services, Inc.21 - Mexican2018
133Uno Pizzeria & Grill (2018)Pizzeria Uno Corporation21 - Pizza - Investment >$1MM2018
134Vitality Bowls (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)Vitality Bowls Enterprises, LLC2018
135Wahoo's Fish Taco (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)Wahoo's Fish Taco, LLC21 - Mexican2018
136Wendy's (2018)Quality Is Our Recipe, LLC21 - Hamburgers - Investment >$2MM2018
137Westside Pizza (2018)Westside Pizza International, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment <$500K2018
138Which Wich Superior Sandwiches (2018)Which Wich Franchise, Inc.21 - Sandwich Restaurants2018
139World of Beer (2018)World of Beer Franchising, Inc.21 - Sports Bar2018
140Zoup! Fresh Soup Company (2018)Zoup! Systems, LLC21 - Soups & Salads2018