21 - QSR & Sit-Down Restaurants

/21 - QSR & Sit-Down Restaurants
Sr. No.DBA NameLegal NameSub-categoryMost Recent
1#getfried fry caf? (2017)Get Fried Franchise Group, LLC21 - French Fries & Baked Potato2017
2$5 Pizza (2017)Zohra Enterprise, LLC21 - Pizza2017
31000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria (Unit) (2017)1000 Degrees Pizzeria Franchcise, Inc.21 - Pizza2017
42Good2B (2017)2Good2B Franchising, LLC21 - Bakery Cafe2017
5A&W All American Food / A&W Restaurants (2017)A&W Restaurants, Inc.21 - Hamburgers -Traditional & Gourmet2017
6Ace Sushi (2017)Ace Sushi Franchise Corporation21 - Sushi2017
7Ahgassi Gopchang (2017)678 USA, Inc.21 - Korean2017
8Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (2017)Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, LLC21 - Entertainment & Dinner2017
9All American & Sertinos Cafe (2017)All American Specialty Restaurants, Inc.21 - Cafe2017
10Amato's (Red-Lined) (2017)Reali Holdings Company, Inc.21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2017
11America's Dog & Burger (2017)America's Dog Franchise Systems, LLC21 - Hot Dogs2017
12American Deli (2017)American Deli International, Inc.21 - Deli2017
13American Grilled Cheese Kitchen, The (2017)Project Cheese Franchises, LLC21 - Sandwich Restaurants2017
14Amsterdam Falafelshop (2017)Amsterdam Falafelshops, LLC21 - Mediterranean2017
15Anchor Bar (2017)Anchor Bar Franchise & Development Company, LLC21 - Wings2017
16Another Broken Egg Cafe (2017)Another Broken Egg of America Inc.21 - Breakfast & Pancake Restaurants2017
17Antioch Pizza Shop (2017)Wix Franchise, Inc.21 - Pizza2017
18Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar (2017)Applebee's Franchisor, LLC21 - Full Service Restaurants with Bar2017
19Arby's (2017)Arby's Franchisor, LLC21 - Sandwich Restaurants2017
20Arctic Circle (2017)Arctic Circle Restaurants, Inc.21 - Hamburgers -Traditional & Gourmet2017
21Artichoke Pizza (2017)Artichoke Franchising, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment $500K-$1 MM2017
22Atomic Wings (2017)Atomic Wings Franchisor, Inc.21 - Wings2017
23Aurelio's Pizza (2017)Aurelio's Is Pizza Franchise, Ltd.21 - Pizza2017
24B-Bop's (2017)B-Bop's Franchising Corp.21 - Hamburgers -Traditional & Gourmet2017
25Baby's Badass Burgers (2017)Badass Brands, LLC21 - Hamburgers - Investment $600K - $1MM2017
26Baekjeong Restaurants (2017)678 USA, Inc.21 - Korean2017
27Baja Fresh Mexican Grill (2017)Triune, LLC21 - Mexican2017
28Bandana's Bar-B-Q (2017)Bandana's Franchise Systems, LLC21 - Bar-B-Que2017
29Bar Louie (2017)BL Restaurant Operations, LLC21 - Bar & Grill2017
30bb.q. Chicken (2017)BBDOTQ USA, Inc.21 - Chicken2017
31bd's Mongolian Grill (2017)Mongolian Management & Investment Company, LLC21 - Mongolian2017
32Beach Hut Deli (2017)Beach Hut, LLC21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2017
33Beard Papa's Cream Puffs (2017)Muginoho International, Inc.21 - Bakery Cafe2017
34BeaverTails (2017)BeaverTails USA, Inc.21 - Bread & Bakery Cafe2017
35Beef O'Brady's Family Sports Pubs (2017)FSC Franchise Co. LLC21 - Sports Bar2017
36Beerhead Bar & Eatery (2017)TBM Franchise Co. LLC21 - Bar & Grill2017
37Beggars Pizza (2017)Beggars Pizza Franchise Corporation21 - Pizza - Investment < $1.0 MM2017
38Bellacino's Pizza and Grinders (2017)Bellacino's, Inc.21 - Pizza2017
39Bellagios Pizza (2017)Bellagios Pizza International, Inc.21 - Pizza2017
40Bennigan's Restaurant (2017)Bennigan's Franchising Company, L.P.21 - Bar & Grill2017
41Bento Sushi (Multistate) (2017)Bento Sushi Franchise, Inc.21 - Sushi2017
42Benvenuto's Italian Grill (2017)Benvenuto's Franchising Systems, LLC21 - Italian2017
43BGR - The Burger Joint (2017)BGR Franchising, LLC21 - Hamburgers - Investment <$600K2017
44Bibibop Asian Grill (2017)Bibibop Development, LLC21 - Bar & Grill2017
45Big Boy Restaurants (2017)Big Boy Franchise Management, LLC21 - Hamburgers - Investment > $2MM2017
46Big Fish Little Fish Restaurant (2017)Snowfin Franchise Group, LLC21 - Poke2017
47Big Mama's & Papa's Pizzeria (2017)Big Mamas and Papas Franchising, LLC21 - Pizza2017
48Black Bear Diner (2017)BBDI, LLC21 - Diners2017
49Black Rock Bar & Grill (Area Rep.) (2017)Sizzling Black Rock Steak House Franchising, Inc.21 - Steakhouses2017
50Black Rock Bar & Grill (Unit) (2017)Sizzling Black Rock Steak House Franchising, Inc.21 - Steakhouses2017
51Blast & Brew (2017)Milano Restaurants International Corp.21 - Pizza2017
52Blaze Pizza (2017)Blaze Pizza, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment $500K-$1 MM2017
53Blazing Onion Burger Company (2017)Blazing Onion Franchising LLC21 - Hamburgers - Investment $1MM - $2MM2017
54Blimpie America's Sub Shop (2017)Kahala Franchising, LLC21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2017
55Blue Martini (2017)Blue Martini Franchising, LLC21 - Full Service Restaurants with Bar2017
56Board & Brew (2017)Board and Brew Restaurant Group, LLC21 - Sandwich Restaurants2017
57Boardwalk Fries Burgers Shakes (2017)Boardwalk Fresh Burgers and Fries, Inc.21 - French Fries & Baked Potato2017
58Boiling Crab, The (2017)Boiling Crab Franchise Co., LLC21 - Seafood2017
59Bojangles' Restaurant (2017)Bojangles' International, LLC21 - Chicken - Investment > $1MM2017
60Bombshells Restaurant & Bar (2017)BMB Franchising Services, Inc.21 - Sports Bar2017
61Bonanza Steakhouse (2017)Bonanza Restaurant Company21 - Buffet2017
62BonChon Chicken (2017)Bonchon Franchise, LLC21 - Korean2017
63BONMI Restaurant (2017)Bonmi Franchise, LLC21 - Vietnamese2017
64Books&Brews (2017)Books & Brews Franchising, LLC21 - Bar & Grill2017
65Boston's Gourmet Pizza Restaurant & Sports Bar, The (2017)Boston Pizza Restaurants, LP21 - Sports Bar2017
66Bowl of Heaven (2017)Bowl of Heaven Franchise Group, LLC2017
67Brass Tap, The (2017)FSC Franchise Company, LLC21 - Sports Bar2017
68Bread & Barley (2017)Citrus Craft Ventures, LLC21 - Bar & Grill2017
69Breadsmith (2017)Breadsmith Franchising, Inc.2017
70Brewery Direct (2017)Brewery Direct Franchising, LLC21 - Bar & Grill2017
71Brixx Wood Fired Pizza (2017)Brixx Franchise Systems, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment > $1.0 MM2017
72Broadway Pizza / Broadway Bar & Pizza / Broadway Fast & Fresh Restaurants (2017)Broadway Station Restaurants, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment < 500K2017
73Broken Yolk Cafe, The (2017)BYC Franchising, LLC21 - Breakfast & Pancake Restaurants2017
74Brothers Bar & Grill (2017)Brothers Franchising & Development, LLC21 - Bar & Grill2017
75Bub's Burgers (2017)Bub's Franchise Company, LLC21 - Hamburgers -Traditional & Gourmet2017
76Bubbakoo's Burritos (2017)Bubbakoo's Franchise Systems, LLC21 - Mexican2017
77Buck's Pizza (2017)Buck's Pizza Franchising Corporation, Inc.21 - Pizza2017
78Buckhorn BBQ (2017)Pickapple Franchise, LLC21 - Bar-B-Que2017
79Buckhorn Grill (2017)Pickapple Franchise, LLC21 - Steakhouses2017
80Buffalo Spot, The (2017)The Buffalo Spot Global, LLC21 - Wings2017
81Buffalo Wild Wings (2017)Buffalo Wild Wings International, Inc.21 - Wings2017
82Buffalo Wings & Rings (2017)Buffalo Wings & Rings, LLC21 - Wings2017
83Burger 21 (2017)Burger 21 International, Inc.21 - Hamburgers - Investment $600K - $1MM2017
84Burger King (2017)Burger King Corporation21 - Hamburgers - Investment $1MM - $2MM2017
85BurgerFi (2017)BurgerFi International, LLC21 - Hamburgers - Investment $600K - $1MM2017
86Burgerim (2017)Burgerim Group USA, Inc.21 - Hamburgers -Traditional & Gourmet2017
87Caliburger (2017)Caliburger Franchisor USA, Inc.21 - Hamburgers - Investment <$600K2017
88California Tortilla (2017)California Tortilla Group, Inc.21 - Mexican2017
89Capriotti's Sandwich Shop (2017)Capriotti's Sandwich Shop, Inc.21 - Sandwich Restaurants2017
90Captain D's (2017)Captain D's, LLC21 - Seafood2017
91Captain Tony's Pizza & Pasta Emporium (2017)Captain Tony's Pizza, Inc.21 - Pizza2017
92Carbone's Pizzeria (2017)M & T Pizza Incorporated21 - Pizza2017
93Carbone's Pizzeria (Red-Lined) (2017)M & T Pizza Incorporated21 - Pizza2017
94Carl's Jr. & Green Burrito (Dual Concept) (2017)Carl's Jr. Restaurants LLC21 - Hamburgers -Traditional & Gourmet2017
95Carving Board, The (2017)TCB Franchising, LLC21 - Sandwich Restaurants2017
96Cereality Cereal Bar & Cafe (Unit) (Red-Lined) (2017)Kahala Franchising, LLC21 - Breakfast & Pancake Restaurants2017
97Chaat Caf? (2017)Chaat Cafe, Inc.21 - Indian2017
98Champs Chicken (2017)Champs Chicken Franchising, LLC21 - Chicken - Investment < $1.0 MM2017
99Chanticlear Pizza (Unit) (Red-Lined) (2017)Chanticlear Franchise System, LLC21 - Pizza2017
100Chaps Pit Beef (Unit) (2017)Chaps Pit Beef Franchising LLC,21 - Bar-B-Que2017
101Charleys Philly Steaks (2017)Gosh Enterprises, Inc.21 - Cheesesteak2017
102Cheba Hut Toasted Subs (2017)Cheba Hut Franchising, Inc.21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2017
103Checkers Restaurant / Rally's Restaurant (2017)Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc.21 - Hamburgers - Investment $600K - $1MM2017
104Cheeburger Cheeburger (2017)Cheeburger Cheeburger Restaurants, Inc.21 - Hamburgers - Investment $1MM - $2MM2017
105Cheese Steak Shop, The (2017)Cheese Steak Franchise Corporation21 - Cheesesteak2017
106Chefs For Seniors (2017)Chefs For Seniors Franchising, LLC21 - Prepared Meals2017
107Cheong Kwan Jang Ginseng Store (Unit) (2017)Korean Red Ginseng Corp., Inc.21 - Korean2017
108Chester's (2017)Chester's International, LLC21 - Chicken2017
109Chicago's Pizza (2017)Chicago's Pizza Franchises, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment < $1.0 MM2017
110Chick'nCone (2017)Chick?nCone Franchise, LLC21 - Chicken2017
111Chick-Fil-A (2017)Chick-fil-A, Inc.21 - Chicken - Investment > $1MM2017
112Chick-Fil-A (Third Party) (2017)Chick-fil-A, Inc.21 - Chicken - Investment > $1MM2017
113Chicken in a Barrel BBQ (2017)Chicken in a Barrel Franchising, LLC21 - Chicken2017
114Chicken Salad Chick Restaurant (2017)Simply Southern Restaurant Group, LLC21 - Soups & Salads2017
115Chili's Restaurants (Chili's Grill & Bar / Chili's Special Venue / Chili's Smalltown Prototype Restaurant) (2017)Brinker International Payroll Company, LP21 - Full Service Restaurants with Bar2017
116Chop Stop (2017)Chop Stop Franchising, Inc.21 - Soups & Salads2017
117Chronic Tacos (2017)Chronic Tacos Enterprises, Inc.21 - Mexican2017
118Church's Chicken (2017)Cajun Global, LLC21 - Chicken2017
119Churro Stix (2017)Churro Stix Franchising, LLC21 - Dessert Specialty2017
120CiCi's Pizza (2017)CiCi Enterprises, LP21 - Buffet2017
121Coco's Bakery Restaurants (2017)CFC Franchising Company21 - Family-Style Restaurants2017
122Coco's Bakery Restaurants (Red-Lined) (2017)CFC Franchising Company21 - Family-Style Restaurants2017
123Coconut's Fish Cafe (2017)Coconut's Fish Cafe Franchise, LLC21 - Seafood2017
124Cole's Backyard Grill (2017)Cole's Backyard Grill Franchising, LLC21 - Bar & Grill2017
125Cool Hand Luke's Steakhouse/Saloon (2017)Heritage Restaurant Brands, LP21 - Steakhouses2017
126CoreLife Eatery (2017)CoreLife Eatery Franchiser, LLC21 - Health-Related Food2017
127Costa Vida (2017)Costa Vida Management, LLC21 - Mexican2017
128Country Kitchen International (Area Rep.) (2017)Legacy Franchise Group, LLC21 - Diners2017
129Country Kitchen International (Unit) (2017)Legacy Franchise Group, LLC21 - Diners2017
130Country Waffles (2017)Country Waffles, Inc.21 - Breakfast & Pancake Restaurants2017
131Cousins Maine Lobster (2017)CML Franchise, LLC21 - Seafood2017
132Cousins Subs Shop (2017)Cousins Subs Systems, Inc.21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2017
133Cowboy Chicken (2017)Cowboy Chicken Franchising, LP21 - Chicken - Investment $500K - $1MM2017
134Coyote Canyon / Sirloin Stockade (Unit/Area Dev.) (2017)Stockade Franchising, LP21 - Buffet2017
135Cozzoli's Pizzeria / Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen / Tony + Benny's Restaurant (2017)Villa Pizza, LLC21 - Italian2017
136Crazy Otto's Diner (2017)Engine No. 9, Inc.21 - Diners2017
137Crepe Delicious (Canada) (2017)Crepe Delicious Holding USA, Inc.21 - Crepes2017
138Crooked Pint Ale House (2017)Crooked Pint, LLC21 - Sports Bar2017
139Crushed Red Restaurant (2017)OTRR Franchising, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment $500K-$1 MM2017
140Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar (Master) (2017)CGP Systems, LLC21 - Pizza2017
141Curry Up Now (2017)Francun, Inc.21 - Indian2017
142D.P. Dough Restaurant (2017)D.P. Dough Franchising, LLC21 - Italian2017
143Daphne's Restaurants (2017)Mediterranean Cuisine Franchising Company, LLC21 - Greek2017
144Dat Dog (2017)DDFranchise, LLC21 - Hot Dogs2017
145Del Taco (2017)Del Taco, LLC21 - Mexican2017
146Deli Delicious (2017)Deli Delicious Franchising, Inc.21 - Deli2017
147Denino's Pizzeria & Tavern (2017)Denino's Franchising, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment $500K-$1 MM2017
148Denny's (2017)DFO, LLC21 - Family-Style Restaurants2017
149Dickey's Barbecue Pit (Unit) (2017)Dickey's Barbecue Restaurants, Inc.21 - Bar-B-Que2017
150Dinner Detective, The (2017)Dinner Detective Productions, Inc.21 - Entertainment & Dinner2017
151Dino's Chicken & Burgers (2017)MK (Squared) N, LLC21 - Chicken2017
152DMK Burger Bar (2017)DMK Franchisor, LLC21 - Hamburgers -Traditional & Gourmet2017
153Dog Haus (2017)Dog Haus International, LLC21 - Hot Dogs2017
154Domino's Pizza (2017)Domino's Pizza Franchising, LLC21 - Pizza2017
155Donatos Pizza (2017)Donatos Pizzeria, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment $500K-$1 MM2017
156Donna Italia (2017)D.I. Franchise Group, LLC21 - Italian2017
157Dos Coyotes Border Cafe (2017)Dos Coyotes Development Company21 - Mexican2017
158DQ Grill & Chill Franchise (2017)American Dairy Queen Corporation21 - Hamburgers - Investment $1MM - $2MM2017
159DQ Treat Franchise (2017)American Dairy Queen Corporation21 - Hamburgers - Investment $600K - $1MM2017
160Dream Dinners (2017)Dream Dinners, Inc.21 - Prepared Meals2017
161Duff's Famous Wings (2017)Duff's Franchise Group, Inc.21 - Wings2017
162Earl of Sandwich (2017)Earl of Sandwich (USA), LLC21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2017
163East Coast Wings + Grill (2017)East Coast Wings Corp.21 - Wings2017
164Eat Fit Go Healthy Foods (2017)Eat Fit Go Healthy Foods, LLC21 - Prepared Meals2017
165Eliodora Casa Mexico (Unit) (2017)Eliodoro Casa Mexico, lnc.21 - Mexican2017
166Epic Wings (2017)Sacco Restaurants Inc21 - Chicken2017
167Erbert & Gerbert's Sandwich Shop (Traditional/Non-Traditional) (2017)E & G Franchise Systems, Inc.21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2017
168Erik's DeliCafe (2017)Erik's DeliCafe Franchises, Inc.21 - Deli2017
169Extreme Pita (2017)MTY Franchising USA, Inc.21 - Greek2017
170Extreme Pizza (2017)OOC, Inc.21 - Pizza2017
171Ezell's Famous Chicken (2017)Delighted Guests Franchise Systems, LLC21 - Chicken2017
172Falbo Bros Pizzeria (2017)Culinary Management Services, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment < $500K2017
173Famous Dave's (2017)Famous Dave's of America, Inc.21 - Bar-B-Que2017
174Famous Famiglia (2017)FF Franchise Systems, LLC21 - Pizza2017
175Farmer Boys (2017)Farmer Boys Food, Inc.21 - Hamburgers - Investment $1MM - $2MM2017
176Fat Shack (2017)Fat Shack America, LLC21 - Sandwich Restaurants2017
177Fazoli's Restaurants (2017)Fazoli's Franchise Systems, LLC21 - Italian2017
178Figaro's Pizza (2017)Figaro's Italian Pizza, Inc.21 - Pizza2017
179Firehouse Subs (Area Rep.) (2017)Firehouse of America, LLC21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2017
180Firehouse Subs (Unit) (2017)Firehouse of America, LLC21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2017
181Firenza (2017)Great Food and Friends, LLC21 - Pizza2017
182First Watch Restaurants (2017)First Watch Franchise Development, Co.21 - Breakfast & Pancake Restaurants2017
183Fish-O-Licious (2017)Fish-O-Licious Franchise, LLC21 - Seafood2017
184Five Guys Burgers & Fries (2017)Five Guys Franchisor, LLC21 - Hamburgers -Traditional & Gourmet2017
185Flame & Skewers (2017)Flame & Skewers Franchise, Inc.21 - Mediterranean2017
186Flame Broiler, The (2017)The Flame Broiler, Inc.21 - Korean2017
187Flippin' Pizza (2017)Flippin' Pizza International, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment $500K-$1 MM2017
188Flying Biscuit Cafe, The (2017)Flying Biscuit Franchising, Inc.21 - Cafe2017
189Foumami Asian Sandwich Bar (2017)Foumami America, LLC21 - Asian Fusion2017
190Freddo (Argentina) (2017)Freddo Franchising International, LLC21 - Sandwich Restaurants2017
191Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers (2017)Freddy's, LLC21 - Hamburgers - Investment $1MM - $2MM2017
192French Fry Heaven (2017)FFH World Wide, LLC21 - French Fries & Baked Potato2017
193French Table, The (2017)The French Table Franchising, LLC21 - Crepes2017
194Freshii (2017)Freshii Development, LLC21 - Soups & Salads2017
195Freshway Food Systems (2017)Freshway Food Systems, Inc.21 - Chicken2017
196Friendly's (2017)Friendly's Franchising, LLC21 - Diners2017
197Frugals (Area Dev.) (2017)G & S Frugals, Inc.21 - Hamburgers - Investment $600K - $1MM2017
198Frullati Caf? & Bakery (2017)Kahala Franchising, LLC21 - Sandwich Restaurants2017
199Frutta Bowls (2017)Frutta Bowls Franchising, LLC2017
200Fuddruckers (2017)Luby's Fuddruckers Restaurants, LLC21 - Hamburgers - Investment $1MM - $2MM2017
201Fujisan Asian Bar (2017)Fujisan Franchising Corp.21 - Asian Fusion2017
202Fuzzy's Taco Shop (2017)Fuzzy's Taco Opportunities, LLC21 - Mexican2017
203Gandolfo's Deli (2017)Gandolfo's DeliBoys, LLC21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2017
204Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh (2017)Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill Franchising, LLC21 - Mediterranean2017
205Garlic Jim's Famous Gourmet Pizza (2017)GJ Franchise Systems, Inc.21 - Pizza2017
206Gatti's Pizza (2017)Mr. Gatti's, LP21 - Pizza2017
207Gelsosomo's Pizzeria (2017)Gelsosomo's Franchise Corp.21 - Pizza2017
208Giant Pizza King (2017)FRW Corp.21 - Pizza2017
209Gina Maria's Pizza (Unit) (2017)G. M. P. Incorporated21 - Pizza2017
210Giordano's Restaurants (2017)VPC Pizza Franchise, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment > $1.0 MM2017
211Glass Nickel Pizza (2017)GN Independents, Inc.21 - Pizza2017
212Godfather's Pizza (2017)Godfathers Pizza, Inc.21 - Pizza2017
213Golden Corral Buffet & Grill (2017)Golden Corral Franchising Systems, Inc21 - Buffet2017
214Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill (2017)Golden Krust Franchising, Inc.21 - Bar & Grill2017
215Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs (Area Rep.) (Red-Lined) (2017)Mr. Goodcents Franchise Systems, Inc.21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2017
216Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs (Unit) (2017)Mr. Goodcents Franchise Systems, Inc.21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2017
217Grabbagreen (2017)Grabbagreen Franchising, LLC21 - Health-Related Food2017
218Great Harvest Bread (2017)Great Harvest Franchising, Inc.21 - Bread & Bakery Cafe2017
219Great Khan's Mongolian Grill (2017)Great Khan MB, LLC21 - Mongolian2017
220Great Steak & Potato Co. (2017)Kahala Franchising, LLC21 - Cheesesteak2017
221Great Wraps Grill (2017)Great Wraps, Inc.21 - Bar & Grill2017
222Green Leaf's Beyond Great Salads (2017)Everything Yogurt Brands, LLC21 - Soups & Salads2017
223Green Mill Restaurant and Bar (2017)Green Mill Restaurants, LLC21 - Pizza2017
224Ground Round Grill & Bar (2017)Ground Round Independent Owners Cooperative, LLC21 - Bar & Grill2017
225Growler USA Microbrew Pub (2017)GrowlerU Franco, LLC21 - Sports Bar2017
226Gyro Shack, The (2017)Pronomio, LLC21 - Mediterranean2017
227Gyroville (2017)Gyroville Franchising Company, LLC21 - Mediterranean2017
228Gyu-Kaku (2017)Reins USA Franchise Company, Inc.21 - Japanese2017
229H. Salt Fish & Chips (2017)H. Salt of Southern California, Inc.21 - Seafood2017
230Habit Burger Grill, The (2017)HBG Franchise, LLC21 - Hamburgers -Traditional & Gourmet2017
231Halal Guys, The (2017)The Halal Guys Franchise, Inc.21 - Mediterranean2017
232Hamburger Stand (2017)Gelardi Group Franchise Corp.21 - Hamburgers -Traditional & Gourmet2017
233Happy Joe's Pizza & Ice Cream Parlor (2017)Happy Joe's Franchising, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment < $1.0 MM2017
234Hardee's & Red Burrito (Dual Concept) (2017)Hardee's Restaurants, LLC21 - Hamburgers - Investment $1MM - $2MM2017
235Hardee's & Red Burrito (Dual Concept) (Existing Franchisees) (2017)Hardee's Restaurants, LLC21 - Hamburgers - Investment $1MM - $2MM2017
236Hissho / Oumi Sushi (2017)Hissho International, LLC21 - Sushi2017
237Honest Restaurant (2017)Honest Hospitality Group, LLC21 - Indian2017
238Hooters Restaurant (2017)Hoohobbers Store Development, Ltd.21 - Full Service Restaurants with Bar2017
239Hopscotch (2017)Hopscotch Franchising USA, Inc.21 - Health-Related Food2017
240Hot Box Pizza (2017)Hot Box Pizza Franchising, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment < $1.0 MM2017
241Hot Dog On A Stick (2017)HDOS Franchising, LLC21 - Hot Dogs2017
242Hot Fries (2017)Hot Fries Franchising, LLC21 - French Fries & Baked Potato2017
243Hot Head Burritos (Unit) (2017)Hot Head Franchising, LLC21 - Mexican2017
244Hot Stuff Pizza (2017)Orion Food Systems, LLC21 - Pizza2017
245Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill (2017)HSF Franchising, LLC21 - Bar & Grill2017
246House of Bread (2017)House Of Bread Franchising, Inc.21 - Bread & Bakery Cafe2017
247Huckleberry's Restaurant (2017)Heritage Restaurant Brands, LP21 - Family-Style Restaurants2017
248Huddle House Restaurants (2017)Huddle House, Inc.21 - Diners2017
249HuHot Mongolian Grill (2017)HuHot Mongolian Grills, LLC21 - Mongolian2017
250Hummus & Pita Co., The (2017)The Hummus & Pita Co. Franchising, LLC21 - Greek2017
251Hungry Howie's Pizza & Subs (2017)Hungry Howie?s Pizza & Subs, Inc.21 - Pizza2017
252Hurricane Grill & Wings (2017)Hurricane AMT, LLC21 - Wings2017
253IHOP / International House of Pancakes (2017)IHOP Franchisor LLC21 - Breakfast & Pancake Restaurants2017
254In Fretta Restaurant (2017)In Fretta Franchising, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment $500K-$1 MM2017
255Inchin's Bamboo Garden (2017)Inchins Bamboo Garden Franchising, LLC21 - Chinese2017
256Inchin's Bamboo Garden (Red-Lined) (2017)Inchins Bamboo Garden Franchising, LLC21 - Chinese2017
257J. Gumbo's Restaurant (2017)Jumbo Growth, LLC21 - Family-Style Restaurants2017
258Jack In The Box (2017)Jack in the Box, Inc.21 - Hamburgers - Investment > $2MM2017
259Jason's Deli (2017)Deli Management, Inc.21 - Deli2017
260Jersey Mike's (2017)Jersey Mike's Franchise Systems, Inc.21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2017
261Jet's Pizza (2017)Jet's America, Inc.21 - Pizza2017
262Jimmy John's (2017)Jimmy John's Franchisor SPV, LLC21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2017
263Jinya Ramen Bar (2017)Jinya Franchise, Inc.21 - Japanese2017
264JL Beers Restaurant (2017)JL Beers Franchising, Inc.21 - Hamburgers - Investment $1MM - $2MM2017
265Johnny Rockets (2017)The Johnny Rockets Group, Inc.21 - Diners2017
266Johnny's Italian Steakhouse (2017)JIS Franchising, LLC21 - Italian2017
267JoJo's Grill-A-Dog (2017)Grill-A-Dog Franchise, LLC21 - Hot Dogs2017
268Jon Smith Subs (2017)J.S. Subs, LLC21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2017
269Jougert Bar (2017)Jougert Franchising, LLC21 - Dessert Specialty2017
270Juan Pollo (2017)Juan Pollo Franchising, Inc.21 - Chicken2017
271Just Salad (2017)Just Salad Franchise US, LLC21 - Soups & Salads2017
272Kelly's Cajun Grill (2017)Kelly's Cajun Grill Franchise Corporation21 - Cajun2017
273Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC (Express) (2017)KFC US, LLC21 - Chicken2017
274Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC (Traditional) (2017)KFC US, LLC21 - Chicken2017
275Killer Burger (2017)Killer Burger Franchising, Inc.21 - Hamburgers - Investment <$600K2017
276KoJa Kitchen (Unit) (2017)KoJa International, LLC21 - Korean2017
277Kolache Factory (2017)KF Franchising, Ltd.21 - Bread & Bakery Cafe2017
278Kono Pizza USA (2017)Kono USA, LLC21 - Pizza2017
279Kopan Ramen Restaurant (2017)Kopan Ramen Franchise, Inc.21 - Japanese2017
280Krave Kobe Burger Grill (2017)Krave Kobe Franchising, LLC21 - Hamburgers - Investment $600K - $1MM2017
281La Bamba (2017)La Bamba Franchise Services, LLC21 - Mexican2017
282LA Crawfish (2017)LAC Franchising, LLC21 - Seafood2017
283La Madeleine Country French Cafe (2017)La Madeleine Franchising Company, Inc.21 - Cafe2017
284Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken (2017)Famous Recipe Group, LLC21 - Chicken - Investment $500K - $1MM2017
285Lee's Sandwiches (2017)Lee's Sandwiches International, Inc.21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2017
286LemonShark Poke Restaurants (Unit/Area Dev.) (2017)LemonShark Franchising, LLC21 - Poke2017
287Lenny's Grill & Subs (2017)Lenny's Franchise Systems, LLC21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2017
288Lindy Gertie's Chili & Ice Cream (Unit) (2017)Lindy-Gertie Enterprises, Inc.21 - Hamburgers - Investment <$600K2017
289Little Caesars (2017)Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc.21 - Pizza2017
290Lo-Lo's Chicken & Waffles (2017)LoLo's CNW, LLC21 - Breakfast & Pancake Restaurants2017
291Long John Silver's (2017)Long John Silver's, LLC21 - Seafood2017
292Lost Cajun Restaurant, The (2017)The Lost Cajun Enterprises, LLC21 - Cajun2017
293Lumberjacks Restaurant (2017)Lumberjacks Franchises, Inc.21 - Family-Style Restaurants2017
294Maggiano's Little Italy Restaurant (2017)Brinker International Payroll Company, LP21 - Italian2017
295Magnolia Bakery (2017)Magnolia Bakery International, LLC21 - Bakery Cafe2017
296Mai Sushi (2017)Mai Franchising, LLC21 - Sushi2017
297Malted Barley, The (2017)The Malted Barley Franchising, LLC21 - Full Service Restaurants with Bar2017
298Mamoun's Falafel (2017)Mamouns Franchise Company, LLC21 - Mediterranean2017
299Mango Mango Dessert (2017)Mango Franchise USA, LLC21 - Dessert Specialty2017
300Maoz Vegetarian (2017)Maoz Development, LLC21 - Mediterranean2017
301Marco's Pizza (2017)Marco's Franchising, LLC21 - Pizza2017
302Marugame Udon & Tempura (2017)Marugame Franchising, LLC21 - Japanese2017
303Matiki Island B.B.Q (2017)Matiki Island B.B.Q. Franchise21 - Bar-B-Que2017
304Maui Tacos (2017)Maui Tacos International, Inc.21 - Mexican2017
305Max's Restaurant of Manila (2017)eMax's, LLC21 - Chicken2017
306McAlister's Deli (2017)McAlister's Franchisor SPV LLC.21 - Deli2017
307McDonald's (2017)McDonald's USA, LLC21 - Hamburgers - Investment $1MM - $2MM2017
308Me-N-Ed's Pizzeria / Me-N-Ed's on Tap (2017)Milano Restaurants International Corp.21 - Pizza2017
309Meatheads (2017)Meathead Franchising, LLC21 - Hamburgers - Investment $600K - $1MM2017
310Meet Fresh (2017)Meet Fresh Franchising, LLC21 - Chinese2017
311Mellow Mushroom Restaurant (2017)Home-Grown Industries of Georgia, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment $500K-$1 MM2017
312Melt Mobile (2017)Melt Mobile Franchising, LLC21 - Sandwich Restaurants2017
313Melting Pot, The (2017)The Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc.21 - Bar & Grill2017
314MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza Company (2017)MidiCi Group, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment $500K-$1 MM2017
315Milio's (2017)Big Mike's Super Subs Franchising Systems, Inc.21 - Sandwich Restaurants2017
316Mio Sushi (2017)Mio Sushi International, Inc.21 - Sushi2017
317Miso Phat Sushi (2017)Miso Phat and Crazy Franchising, LLC21 - Sushi2017
318MOD Super Fast Pizza (2017)MOD Super Fast Pizza Franchising, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment $500K-$1 MM2017
319Moe's Southwest Grill (2017)Moe's Franchisor SPV LLC21 - Mexican2017
320Monical Pizza (2017)Monical Pizza Corporation21 - Pizza2017
321Monk's Bar & Grill (2017)Monkburger Franchise Group LLC21 - Sports Bar2017
322Montana Mike's Steakhouse (2017)Stockade Franchising, LP21 - Steakhouses2017
323MOOYAH Burgers Fries Shakes (2017)MOOYAH Franchise LLC21 - Hamburgers - Investment <$600K2017
324Mountain Mike's Pizza (2017)Mountain Mike?s Pizza, LLC21 - Pizza2017
325Mr. Baguette (2017)Mr. Baguette Group Corp.21 - Sandwich Restaurants2017
326Mr. Brews Taphouse (2017)Mr. Brews Taphouse International, LLC21 - Bar & Grill2017
327Mr. Pickle's Sandwich Shop (2017)Mr. Pickle's, Inc.21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2017
328Nancy's Chicago Pizza / Doughocracy Restaurant (2017)Chicago Franchise Systems, Inc.21 - Pizza2017
329Nathan's Famous (2017)Nathan's Famous Systems, Inc.21 - Hot Dogs2017
330Native Grill & Wings (2017)NGW, LLC21 - Wings2017
331Nature's Table Cafe (2017)Nature's Table Franchise Company21 - Health-Related Food2017
332Naugles Tacos & Burgers (2017)DMZ Franchising, LLC21 - Mexican2017
333Newk's Eatery (2017)Newk's Franchise Company, LLC21 - Sandwich Restaurants2017
334Nick-N-Willy's Pizza (2017)Figaro's Italian Pizza, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment < $500K2017
335Noble Roman's Pizza Express (2017)Noble Roman's Inc.21 - Pizza2017
336Noodles & Company (2017)Noodles & Company21 - Japanese2017
337Oggi's Pizza and Brewing (2017)Oggi's Pizza & Brewing Company21 - Pizza - Investment > $1.0 MM2017
338Oggi's Pizza and Brewing (Red-Lined) (2017)Oggi's Pizza & Brewing Company21 - Pizza - Investment > $1.0 MM2017
339Oi Asian Fusion (2017)DLC & King, Inc.21 - Asian Fusion2017
340Old Carolina Barbecue Company (2017)Old Carolina Franchise Company, LLC21 - Bar-B-Que2017
341Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom (2017)Old Chicago Franchising, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment > $1.0 MM2017
342Old New York Deli & Bakery Co. (Unit/Area Dev.) (2017)Old New York Franchising Co., Inc.21 - Deli2017
343Original Gino's East of Chicago, The (2017)Gino's East Services, LLC21 - Italian2017
344Original Grilled Cheese Truck, The (2017)Big Cheese, Inc.21 - Sandwich Restaurants2017
345Original Mel's, The (2017)The Original Mel's Investment Group21 - Diners2017
346Original Pancake House, The (2017)The Original Pancake House Franchising, Inc.21 - Breakfast & Pancake Restaurants2017
347Original Red's Savoy Pizza, The (2017)Red's Savoy Franchise, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment $500K-$1 MM2017
348Oumi Sushi (2017)Hissho International, LLC21 - Sushi2017
349Paavo's Pizza (2017)Orion Food Systems, LLC21 - Pizza2017
350Pada Sushi (2017)Pada Food Franchise, LLC21 - Sushi2017
351Paik's Noodle (2017)Noodle J-1, Inc.21 - Chinese2017
352Paisano's (2017)Paisano's Franchise System, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment $500K-$1 MM2017
353Panchero's Mexican Grill (2017)Pancheros Franchise Corporation21 - Mexican2017
354Panda Express (2017)Citadel Panda Express, Inc.21 - Chinese2017
355Panera Bread Bakery-Cafe (2017)Panera, LLC21 - Bread & Bakery Cafe2017
356Papa John's (2017)Papa John's International, Inc.21 - Pizza2017
357Papa Murphy's (2017)Papa Murphy's International, LLC21 - Prepared Meals2017
358Papa Saverio's Restaurant (2017)Vive Bene Enterprises, Inc.21 - Pizza2017
359Paris Baguette (2017)Paris Baguette Family Inc.21 - Bakery Cafe2017
360Paulie Gee's Pizza (2017)Paulie Gee's Franchising, LLC21 - Pizza2017
361PCI & Pollo Campero (2017)Campero USA Corp.21 - Chicken - Investment > $1MM2017
362Pedro's Tacos (2017)PT Foods, LLC21 - Mexican2017
363Penn Station East Coast Subs (2017)Penn Station, Inc.21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2017
364Perkins Restaurant & Bakery (2017)Perkins & Marie Callender's, LLC21 - Family-Style Restaurants2017
365Perko's Caf? & Grill (2017)Heritage Restaurant Brands, LP21 - Bar & Grill2017
366Philly's Best Authentic Cheesesteak & Hoagie Shop (2017)Philly Foods, Inc.21 - Cheesesteak2017
367Pho Hoa Restaurant (2017)South Bay Soup Corporation21 - Vietnamese2017
368Pie Five Pizza Co. (2017)Pie Five Pizza Company, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment $500K-$1 MM2017
369Pie Five Pizza Co. (Red-Lined) (2017)Pie Five Pizza Company, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment $500K-$1 MM2017
370Pie Hole, The (2017)BPRD Trading, LLC21 - Dessert Specialty2017
371Pieology Pizzeria (2017)Pieology Franchise, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment $500K-$1 MM2017
372Pita Jungle (2017)Pita Jungle Franchising Corp.21 - Greek2017
373Pita Pit (2017)SB Acquisition, LLC21 - Pita2017
374Pizza 9 (2017)Pizza 9 Franchise System, LLC21 - Pizza2017
375Pizza Bell Hop (2017)Pizza Bell Hop, LLC21 - Pizza2017
376Pizza Factory (2017)Pizza Factory, Inc.21 - Pizza2017
377Pizza Hut - Express (2017)Pizza Hut, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment > $1.0 MM2017
378Pizza Hut - Traditional (2017)Pizza Hut, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment < $500K2017
379Pizza Man, He Delivers (2017)El Centro Foods, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment < $500K2017
380Pizza Pipeline, The (2017)The Pizza Pipeline Franchsing, Inc.21 - Pizza2017
381Pizza Pit (2017)SB Acquisition, LLC21 - Pizza2017
382Pizza Planet (2017)SZAMM Franchising Corporation21 - Pizza2017
383Pizza Press, The (2017)RMS Franchise Group, lnc.21 - Pizza - Investment $500K-$1 MM2017
384Pizza Ranch, The (2017)Pizza Ranch, Inc.21 - Buffet2017
385Pizza Roto (2017)Pizza Roto Franchising, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment < $500K2017
386Pizza Schmizza (2017)Schmizza International, Inc.21 - Pizza2017
387Pizza Studio, The (2017)The Pizza Studio Franchise Company, LLC21 - Pizza2017
388PizzaRev Restaurant (2017)PizzaRev Franchising, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment $500K-$1 MM2017
389Poke Bar Dice & Mix (2017)JB Brothers, Inc.21 - Seafood2017
390Poke House (2017)Poke House, Inc.21 - Poke2017
391Pokeatery (2017)Pokeatery Restaurant Group, LLC21 - Poke2017
392Pokeworks (2017)Beyond Franchise Group, LLC21 - Poke2017
393Poki Bowl (2017)PB Franchise, Inc.21 - Seafood2017
394Ponderosa Steakhouse (2017)Ponderosa Franchising Company21 - Buffet2017
395Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen (2017)Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.21 - Chicken - Investment > $1MM2017
396Port of Subs (2017)Port of Subs, Inc.21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2017
397Potato Corner (2017)PCJV USA, LLC21 - French Fries & Baked Potato2017
398Potato Corner (Red-Lined) (2017)PCJV USA, LLC21 - French Fries & Baked Potato2017
399Potato Corner Restaurants (Unit/Area Dev.) (2017)PCJV USA, LLC21 - French Fries & Baked Potato2017
400Potbelly Sandwich Works (2017)Potbelly Franchising, LLC21 - Sandwich Restaurants2017
401Primal Kitchen (2017)Primal Kitchen, LLC21 - Health-Related Food2017
402Qdoba Mexican Grill (2017)Qdoba Restaurant Corporation21 - Mexican2017
403Quaker Steak & Lube (2017)QSL Franchise Systems, LLC21 - Steakhouses2017
404Quizno's Subs (2017)QFA Royalties,LLC21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2017
405R Taco (2017)Rusty Taco, Inc.21 - Mexican2017
406Rachel's Kitchen (2017)RDR, Inc.21 - Family-Style Restaurants2017
407Ranch One (2017)Kahala Franchising, LLC21 - Chicken2017
408Rapid Fired Pizza (Area Dev.) (2017)Rapid Fired Pizza Franchising, LLC21 - Pizza2017
409Rapid Fired Pizza (Unit) (2017)Rapid Fired Pizza Franchising, LLC21 - Pizza2017
410Rascal House Pizza (2017)Rascal House, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment $500K-$1 MM2017
411Razzis Pizeria (2017)Razzi's Restaurant Enterprises, LLC21 - Pizza2017
412Red Boy Pizza (2017)Red Boy Pizza Franchising Corp.21 - Pizza2017
413Red Brick Pizza (2017)Red Brick Pizza FC, LLC21 - Pizza2017
414Red Robin Restaurant (2017)Red Robin International, Inc.21 - Full Service Restaurants with Bar2017
415Rice King (2017)Rice King II, Inc.21 - Asian Fusion2017
416Rise'n Roll Bakery & Deli (2017)Rise'n Roll Franchising, LLC21 - Bakery Cafe2017
417Rock & Brews (2017)Rock & Brews Franchising, LLC21 - Bar & Grill2017
418Rocky Rococo Pizza and Pasta (2017)Rococo Franchise Corporation21 - Pizza2017
419Roly Poly Sandwich Shop (2017)Roly Poly Franchise Systems, LLC21 - Sandwich Restaurants2017
420Roman Candle Pizza (2017)Culture of Crust, LLC21 - Pizza2017
421Romeo's Pizza (2017)Romeo's Pizza Franchise, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment < $500K2017
422Rosati's Pizza (2017)Rosati's Franchising, Inc.21 - Pizza2017
423Round Table Pizza (2017)The Round Table Franchise Corporation21 - Pizza - Investment $500K-$1 MM2017
424Rush Bowls (2017)Rush Bowls Franchising, LLC2017
425Saemaeul Restaurant (2017)Noodle J-1, Inc.21 - Korean2017
426Saffron Restaurant (2017)Food Chain Investments USA, LLC21 - Mediterranean2017
427Sahara Pizza (2017)Sahara Pizza Holding Company, Inc.21 - Pizza2017
428Salad Farm (2017)Salad Frrm Franchise, Inc.21 - Soups & Salads2017
429Salad Got Soup (2017)High Rise Goodies Restaurant Group, Inc.21 - Soups & Salads2017
430Saladworks (2017)Saladworks, LLC21 - Soups & Salads2017
431Salata (2017)Salata Franchise, LLC21 - Health-Related Food2017
432Salsarita's Fresh Cantina (2017)Salsarita's Franchising, LLC21 - Mexican2017
433Samurai Sam's Teriyaki Grill (2017)Kahala Franchising, LLC21 - Japanese2017
434SanSai Fresh Japanese Grill (2017)SanSai North America Franchising, LLC21 - Sushi2017
435Santa Fe Cattle Co. (2017)DBMC Restaurants Franchise Company, LLC21 - Steakhouses2017
436Sarpino's Pizzeria (2017)Sarpino's USA, Inc.21 - Pizza2017
437Sauce on the Side (2017)FOTS, LLC21 - Italian2017
438Sbarro (2017)Sbarro Franchise Co., LLC21 - Pizza - Investment $500K-$1 MM2017
439Schlotzsky's Restaurant (2017)Schlotzsky's Franchisor SPV, LLC21 - Sandwich Restaurants2017
440Schoop's Hamburgers (2017)Schoop's Enterprises, Inc.21 - Hamburgers -Traditional & Gourmet2017
441Scramblers (2017)Scrambler Marie's Franchise Development, LLC21 - Breakfast & Pancake Restaurants2017
442Shapiro's Delicatessen (2017)Max Shapiro, Inc.21 - Family-Style Restaurants2017
443Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill (2017)Passion Foods, Inc.21 - Mexican2017
444Shula Burger / Shula's Bar & Grill (2017)Shula Burger, LLC21 - Hamburgers -Traditional & Gourmet2017
445Shula's Steak House / Shula's 2 Steak & Sports / Shula's 347 Grill / Shula's On The Beach / Steakbar 347 by Shula's (2017)Shula's Steak Houses, LLLP21 - Steakhouses2017
446Silverlake Ramen Japanese Noodle Bar (2017)Silverlake Ramen Holdings, LLC21 - Japanese2017
447Simple Greek, The (2017)ML Foods, LLC21 - Greek2017
448Sizzler (2017)Sizzler USA Franchise, Inc.21 - Family-Style Restaurants2017
449Skinny Pizza (2017)SkinnyPizza Franchise Systems, LLC21 - Pizza2017
450Skyline Chili (2017)Skyline Chili, Inc.21 - Hamburgers - Investment <$600K2017
451Slapfish / Roll in the Wall by Slapfish (2017)Slapfish Franchise, LLC21 - Seafood2017
452Slater's 50/50 Burgers by Design (2017)Slater's 50/50 Franchise, LLC21 - Hamburgers - Investment $1MM - $2MM2017
453Slim Chickens (2017)Slim Chicken's Development Company, LLC21 - Chicken - Investment > $1MM2017
454Smashburger (2017)Smashburger Franchising, LLC21 - Hamburgers - Investment $600K - $1MM2017
455Smiling Moose Rocky Mountain Deli (2017)Rightway Brands, Inc.21 - Deli2017
456Smoke's Poutinerie Restaurant (2017)Smoke's Poutinerie U.S. Franchising, Inc.21 - French Fries & Baked Potato2017
457Smokin' Oak Wood-Fired Pizza (Area Dev.) (2017)Fourth Avenue Restaurant Group, LLC21 - Pizza - Investment $500K-$1 MM2017
458Snow Fox (2017)JFE Franchising, Inc.21 - Sushi2017
459Sobelmans Pub & Grill (2017)Team Sobelmans, LLC21 - Hamburgers - Investment $1MM - $2MM2017
460SoBol Restaurant (2017)Acai Industries, Inc.2017
461Sombrero Mexican Food (2017)Sombrero Franchise, Inc.21 - Mexican2017
462Sonic Drive-In (2017)Sonic Franchising, LLC21 - Hamburgers - Investment > $2MM2017
463SotaRol (2017)SotaRol Franchise & Licensing, LLC21 - Asian Fusion2017
464South Philly Steaks & Fries (2017)Everything Yogurt Brands, LLC21 - Cheesesteak2017
465Spitz Restaurants (Unit/Area Dev./Mobile/Purchase) (2017)Radwick Franchising, LLC21 - Mediterranean2017
466Squeeze In Restaurant (Area Rep.) (2017)Squeeze In Franchising, LLC21 - Breakfast & Pancake Restaurants2017
467Squeeze In Restaurant (Unit) (2017)Squeeze In Franchising, LLC21 - Breakfast & Pancake Restaurants2017
468Stacked Pickle (2017)Stacked Pickle Franchising, LLC21 - Sports Bar2017
469Steak Escape (2017)Escape Enterprises, Ltd.21 - Cheesesteak2017
470Steak n Shake (2017)Steak n Shake Enterprises, Inc.21 - Hamburgers - Investment $1MM - $2MM2017
471Straw Hat Pizza (2017)Straw Hat Restaurants, Inc.21 - Pizza2017
472Street Churros (2017)StreetChurros USA, Inc.21 - Dessert Specialty2017
473Strings Italian Caf? (2017)Strings Franchises Incorporated21 - Italian2017
474Submarina California Subs (2017)Submarina Franchise of California, LLC21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2017
475Subway (Traditional/Non-Traditional) (2017)Doctor's Associates, Inc.21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2017
476Sugarfire Smoke House (2017)Stella Franchising, LLC21 - Bar-B-Que2017
477Sweet Paris Creperie & Cafe (2017)Sweet Paris Franchise, LLC21 - Crepes2017
478Sweethoney Dessert (2017)Sweethoney Dessert, Inc.21 - Dessert Specialty2017
479Tabu Shabu (2017)Tabu Shabu Holdings, LLC21 - Japanese2017
480Taco Bell (Traditional Unit) (2017)Taco Bell Franchisor, LLC21 - Mexican2017
481Taco Bell Express (Unit) (2017)Taco Bell Franchisor, LLC21 - Mexican2017
482Taco Bueno (2017)Taco Bueno Franchise Company, L.P.21 - Mexican2017
483Taco del Mar (2017)TDM Franchising, LLC21 - Mexican2017
484Taco John's (2017)Taco John's International, Inc.21 - Mexican2017
485Taco Time (2017)Kahala Franchising, LLC21 - Mexican2017
486Tap House Grill (2017)THG Franchise Group, LLC / Reder Enterprises, LLC21 - Sports Bar2017
487Taste of Mediterranean (Canada) (2017)USA Franchise, LLC21 - Mediterranean2017
488Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe (2017)Taziki's Franchising, LLC21 - Mediterranean2017
489Teddy's Bigger Burgers (2017)Bigger Franchises, LLC21 - Hamburgers - Investment <$600K2017
490Teriyaki Madness (2017)M.H. Franchise Company, Inc.21 - Japanese2017
491Texas Roadhouse (2017)Texas Roadhouse Development Corporation21 - Steakhouses2017
492TGI Friday's (2017)TGI Fridays Franchisor, LLC21 - Family-Style Restaurants2017
493Thai Express (2017)MTY Franchising USA, Inc.21 - South East Asian2017
494Tilford's Wood Fired Pizza (2017)Tilford's Franchise, LLC21 - Pizza2017
495Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery (Area Rep.) (2017)Tilted Kilt Franchise Operating, LLC21 - Sports Bar2017
496Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery (Unit) (2017)Tilted Kilt Franchise Operating, LLC21 - Sports Bar2017
497Tio Juan's Margaritas Mexican Restaurant (2017)Margaritas Franchising Corp.21 - Mexican2017
498Togo's (2017)Togo's Franchisor, LLC21 - Subs, Hoagies & Grinders2017
499Tom's Urban (2017)Tom's Urban Franchising, LLC21 - Health-Related Food2017
500Tony Roma's (2017)Roma Franchise Corp.21 - Bar-B-Que2017
501Toppers Pizza (2017)Topper's Pizza, Inc.21 - Pizza2017
502Tossed Restaurant (2017)Tossed Franchise Company, LLC21 - Soups & Salads2017
503Tous Les Jours (2017)Tous Les Jours International Corp.21 - Bakery Cafe2017
504Tri-Tip Grill (2017)Pickapple Franchise, LLC21 - Hamburgers - Investment $1MM - $2MM2017
505Trimana / Trimana Express / Salad Got Soup / TacoLimon / PastaBenne / PizzaBenne (2017)High Rise Goodies Restaurant Group, Inc.21 - Sandwich Restaurants2017
506Twin Peaks Restaurant (2017)Twin Restaurant Franchise, LLC21 - Sports Bar2017
507Ubatuba Acai Bowls (2017)Ubatuba Acai Expansion, LLC2017
508UFood Grill (2017)Healthy Acquisitions Corp.21 - Health-Related Food2017
509Uno Chicago Grill and Uno Due Go (2017)Pizzeria Uno Corporation21 - Pizza2017
510Uno Pizzeria & Grill (2017)Pizzeria Uno Corporation21 - Pizza - Investment > $1.0 MM2017
511Urban Bricks Pizza Co. (2017)Dough Nation Headquarters, LLC21 - Pizza2017
512Valentino's Restaurant (2017)Valentino's of America, Inc.21 - Prepared Meals2017
513Village Inn Restaurant (2017)American Blue Ribbon Holdings, LLC21 - Breakfast & Pancake Restaurants2017
514Vitality Bowls (2017)Vitality Bowls Enterprises, LLC2017
515WaBa Grill (2017)WaBa Grill Franchise Corp.21 - Japanese2017
516Waffle Cabin (2017)Atomium, Inc.21 - Breakfast & Pancake Restaurants2017
517Waffle Experience, The (2017)Waffle Experience International, Inc.21 - Breakfast & Pancake Restaurants2017
518Wahlburgers (2017)Wahlburgers Franchising, LLC21 - Hamburgers - Investment > $2MM2017
519Wahoo's Fish Taco (2017)Wahoo's Fish Taco, LLC21 - Mexican2017
520Walk-On's Bistreaux & Bar / Walk-On's Half Court (2017)Walk-On's Enterprises Franchising, LLC21 - Sports Bar2017
521Wayback Burgers (2017)Jake's Franchising, LLC21 - Hamburgers -Traditional & Gourmet2017
522Wendy's (2017)Quality Is Our Recipe, LLC21 - Hamburgers - Investment > $2MM2017
523Western Sizzlin/Wood Grill Buffet/Western Sizzlin Express (2017)Western Sizzlin Franchise Corporation21 - Buffet2017
524Western Sizzlin/Wood Grill Buffet/Western Sizzlin Express (Red-Lined) (2017)Western Sizzlin Franchise Corporation21 - Buffet2017
525Westside Pizza (2017)Westside Pizza International, Inc.21 - Pizza2017
526Whealthy Restaurants (2017)Whealthy Franchise, Inc.21 - Asian Fusion2017
527Which Wich Superior Sandwiches (2017)Which Wich Franchise, Inc.21 - Sandwich Restaurants2017
528WineStyles Tasting Station (2017)Tasting Station, Inc.21 - Bar & Grill2017
529Wing Zone (2017)WZ Franchise Corp.21 - Wings2017
530Wings Etc. (2017)Wings ETC., Inc.21 - Wings2017
531Wingstop Restaurants (2017)Wingstop Restaurants Inc.21 - Wings2017
532Woody's Bar-B-Q (2017)Woody's Bar-B-Q Franchise Systems, Inc.21 - Bar-B-Que2017
533World of Beer (2017)World of Beer Franchising, Inc.21 - Sports Bar2017
534WOW Caf? & Wingery (2017)WOW Cafe & Wingery Franchising, LLC21 - Wings2017
535Xavier Artisan (2017)Ville-Marie Collection, Inc.21 - Bread & Bakery Cafe2017
536Yang's Braised Chicken Rice Restaurant (2017)Yang Ming Yu Braised Chicken USA Group21 - Chicken2017
537Yeung's Lotus Express (2017)Yeung's Lotus Express Franchise Corp.21 - Chinese2017
538Yi Mei (2017)Yi Mei Franchising21 - Chinese2017
539Yogis Grill (2017)Yogis Grill Franchise Management, Inc.21 - Bar & Grill2017
540Yoshinoya Restaurant (2017)Yoshinoya America, Inc.21 - Japanese2017
541Your Pie (2017)Your Pie Franchising, LLC21 - Pizza2017
542Z Pizza (2017)Z Pizza International, Inc.21 - Pizza2017
543Zaxby's (2017)Zaxby's Franchising, LLC21 - Chicken - Investment $500K - $1MM2017
544Zeeks Pizza (2017)Zeek's Restaurants, Inc.21 - Pizza - Investment $500K-$1 MM2017
545Zoup! Fresh Soup Company (2017)Zoup! Systems, LLC21 - Soups & Salads2017
546Zzaam Fresh Korean Grill (2017)Zzaam Franchising, LLC21 - Korean2017