20 - Publications

/20 - Publications
Sr. No.DBA NameLegal NameSub-categoryMost Recent
1Coastal Angler Magazine (2019)Coastal Angler Magazine Franchising, Inc.20 - Publications2019
2Coffee News (2019)Coffee News USA, Inc.20 - Publications2019
3Discovery Map (2019)Discovery Map International, Inc.20 - Publications2019
4HERLIFE Magazine (2019)HERLIFE Magazine, LLC20 - Publications2019
5Inside Coup, The (2019)The Inside Coup Franchising Company, Inc.20 - Publications2019
6Money Pages (Unit/Dev. Agmt.) (2019)Money Pages Franchising Group, LLC20 - Publications2019
7N2 Publishing (2019)N2 Franchising, Inc.20 - Publications2019
8Natural Awakenings (2019)Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp.20 - Publications2019
9Real Producers (2019)N2 Franchising, LLC20 - Publications2019
10Scout Guide, The (2019)Scout Guide, LLC20 - Publications2019
11Seniors Blue Book (2019)Seniors Blue Book Franchising, LLC20 - Publications2019
12TheHomeMag (2019)THM Management, LLC20 - Publications2019
13Town Planner (2019)Town Planner Franchising, Inc.20 - Publications2019
14TownePost Network (2019)TownePost Network, Inc.20 - Publications2019