17 - Pet Services

/17 - Pet Services
Sr. No.DBA NameLegal NameSub-categoryMost Recent
1All American Pet Resorts (2017)All American Pet Resorts, LLC17 - Day Care & Boarding2017
2Auntie Jo's Pet Sitting (Area Dev.) (2017)Auntie Jo's Pet Sitting Franchise Group17 - Pet Services2017
3Auntie Jo's Pet Sitting (Unit) (2017)Auntie Jo's Pet Sitting Franchise Group17 - Pet Services2017
4Aussie Pet Mobile (2017)Aussie Pet Mobile, Inc.17 - Pet Services2017
5Bark Busters (2017)Bark Busters North America, LLC17 - Pet Services2017
6Barkefellers, The Place for Dogs (2017)Barkefellers Franchise, LLC17 - Day Care & Boarding2017
7Camp Bow Wow (2017)Camp Bow Wow Franchising, Inc.17 - Pet Services2017
8Camp Run-A-Mutt (2017)Camp Run-A-Mutt Entrepreneurial Resources, Inc.17 - Day Care & Boarding2017
9Canine Dimensions (2017)Canine Dimensions Franchising, LLC17 - Pet Services2017
10Central Bark Doggy Day Care (2017)Barkley Ventures, Inc.17 - Day Care & Boarding2017
11Dog Stop, The (2017)The Dog Stop Franchising, LLC17 - Day Care & Boarding2017
12Dog Wizard, The (2017)The Dog Wizard Academy, LLC17 - Pet Services2017
13Dogtopia (2017)Better Together, LLC17 - Day Care & Boarding2017
14DoodyCalls (2017)DoodyCalls Services, LLC17 - Pet Services2017
15Fetch! Pet Care (2017)FETCH! Pet Care, Inc.17 - Pet Services2017
16Good Citizen Dog Training (2017)DJR & Associates, LLC17 - Pet Services2017
17K-9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel (2017)K-9 Franchising, LLC17 - Day Care & Boarding2017
18K9s Only (2017)Faranak Dorafshar, LLC17 - Day Care & Boarding2017
19Paws & Remember (2017)Paws & Remember, LLC17 - Pet Services2017
20Pet Butler (Unit) (2017)Pet Butler, LLC17 - Pet Services2017
21Pets Are Inn (2017)Pets Are Inn, Inc.17 - Day Care & Boarding2017
22Poop 911 (2017)Hounds Mounds, Inc.17 - Pet Services2017
23Puparazzi Mobile Pet Spaw (2017)Puparazzi International, LLC17 - Pet Services2017
24Sit Means Sit Dog Training (2017)Sit Means Sit Franchise, Inc.17 - Pet Services2017
25Sitter4Paws (2017)Sitter4Paws Franchising, LLC17 - Pet Services2017
26Snaggle Foot Dog Walks & Pet Care (2017)Snaggle Foot, LLC17 - Pet Services2017
27Sydnee's Pet Grooming (Master) (2017)Elevate Pet Life, LLC17 - Pet Services2017
28Sydnee's Pet Grooming (Unit) (2017)Elevate Pet Life, LLC17 - Pet Services2017
29TailWaggers Doggy Daycare (2017)TailWaggers Franchise Trio, LLC17 - Day Care & Boarding2017
30Wag N Wash Natural Food & Bakery (2017)Healthy Pet Partners, LLC17 - Pet Services2017
31Zoom Room Business (2017)Zoom Room Franchising, LLC17 - Pet Services2017