15 - Parties & Events

/15 - Parties & Events
Sr. No.DBA NameLegal NameSub-categoryMost Recent
1AlliedPRA (2017)AlliedPRA, Inc.15 - Adult Events2017
2AR Workshop (2017)AR Workshop Franchising, LLC15 - Sip & Paint2017
3Board & Brush Creative Studio (2017)Board and Brush Creative Studio Franchising, LLC15 - Sip & Paint2017
4Bottle & Bottega (2017)Bottle & Bottega, Inc.15 - Sip & Paint2017
5Color Me Mine (2017)Color Me Mine Franchising, Inc.15 - Adult Events2017
6Complete Music Video Photo (2017)Complete Music, Inc.15 - Adult Events2017
7Complete Weddings + Events (2017)Complete Music, Inc.15 - Adult Events2017
8Crafty Project, The (Unit) (2017)The Crafty Project Franchising, Inc.15 - Adult Events2017
9CTRL V (2017)CTRL V Partners, LLC15 - Adult Events2017
10EventPrep (2017)EventPrep Franchise, Inc.15 - Adult Events2017
11Painting with a Twist (2017)Painting with a Twist, LLC15 - Sip & Paint2017
12Pinot's Palette (2017)Pinot's Palette Franchise, LLC15 - Sip & Paint2017
13Wine & Design (2017)Wine and Design Franchise, LLC15 - Sip & Paint2017