12 - Fitness

/12 - Fitness
Sr. No.DBA NameLegal NameSub-categoryMost Recent
130 Minute Hit (Unit/Area Dev.) (2017)30 Minute Hit USA, LLC12 - Fitness Centers (Under $500K Invest.)2017
29Round Kickboxing (2017)9Round Franchising, LLC12 - Boxing & Kickboxing Centers2017
3Alkalign Studio (2017)Alkalign Franchising, LLC12 - Barre Studios2017
4Anytime Fitness (2017)Anytime Fitness, LLC12 - Fitness Centers (Under $500K Invest.)2017
5Athletic Republic (2017)Acceleration Products, Inc.12 - Fitness Centers (Under $500K Invest.)2017
6Baby Boot Camp (2017)Inspiring Wellness, LLC12 - Women-Centric Fitness Centers2017
7Bar Method, The (2017)The Bar Method Franchising, Inc.12 - Barre Studios2017
8Barre 3 (2017)B3 Franchising, LLC12 - Fitness Centers ($500K - 1MM Invest.)2017
9Barre Code, The (2017)Barre Code Franchisor, LLC12 - Barre Studios2017
10Barre3 (2017)B3 Franchising, LLC12 - Barre Studios2017
11Blink (2017)Blink Fitness Franchising, Inc.12 - Fitness Centers ($500K - 1MM Invest.)2017
12Blink Fitness (2017)Blink Fitness Franchising, Inc.12 - Fitness Centers (Over $1MM Invest.)2017
13BodyROK (2017)BodyROK Franchise, Limited Partnership12 - Fitness Centers ($500K - 1MM Invest.)2017
14Burn Boot Camp (2017)Kline Franchising, Inc.12 - Women-Centric Fitness Centers2017
15Camp Transformation Center, The (2017)The Camp Franchise Systems, LLC12 - Fitness Centers (Under $500K Invest.)2017
16Cardio Barre (2017)Cardio Barre Franchise, LLC12 - Barre Studios2017