10 - Education-Related

/10 - Education-Related
Sr. No.DBA NameLegal NameSub-categoryMost Recent
1Academy Leadership (Unit) (2018)Academy Leadership Franchising, LLC10 - Adult Education2018
2Allen Carr's Easyway (2018)Allen Carr's Easyway (US) Ltd.10 - Adult Education2018
3Arthur Murray Dance Studio (2018)Arthur Murray International, Inc.10 - Dance Schools2018
4Bach to Rock (2018)America's Music School, LLC10 - Music Schools2018
5Best Brains (2018)Best Brains, Inc.10 - Brain Enhancement2018
6Body & Brain (2018)Body and Brain Center, LLC10 - Brain Enhancement2018
7Body & Brain (Home-Based) (2018)Body and Brain Center, LLC10 - Brain Enhancement2018
8Brain Balance Achievement Centers (2018)BB Franchising, LLC10 - Brain Enhancement2018
9Casa de Corazon (2018)Casa Franchsing, LLC10 - Language Courses2018
10Children's Music Academy (2018)Children's Music Academy Franchising, Inc.10 - Music Schools2018
11DivaDance (2018)DivaDance Company10 - Dance Schools2018
12Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studio (2018)FADS USA, Inc.10 - Dance Schools2018
13Gurus Education (2018)ARKS Education, Inc.10 - Adult Education2018
14John Casablancas Modeling & Career Center (2018)Image Marketing Enterprises, LLC10 - Modeling Schools & Beauty Pageants2018
15Just Drive Driver's Education (2018)Just Drive, Inc.10 - Driving Schools2018
16Kinderdance International (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)Kinderdance International, Inc.10 - Dance Schools2018
17LearningRx (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)LearningRx Franchise Corp.10 - Brain Enhancement2018
18Miss Teen USA (2018)IMG Universe, LLC10 - Modeling Schools & Beauty Pageants2018
19Miss USA (2018)IMG Universe, LLC10 - Modeling Schools & Beauty Pageants2018
20My Music Workshop (2018)My Music Workshop Franchising, Inc.10 - Music Schools2018
21New Horizons Computer Learning Center (2018)New Horizons Franchising Group, Inc10 - Adult Education2018
22Online Trading Academy (2018)OTA Franchise Corp.10 - Adult Education2018
23Portal Languages School (2018)PortalLanguages.com Corp.10 - Language Courses2018
24Road Star Driving School (2018)Driving Education Franchising, LLC10 - Driving Schools2018
25Rockstars of Tomorrow Musicians Academy (Unit/Multi-Unit) (2018)Rockstars of Tomorrow Franchise, Inc.10 - Music Schools2018
26School of Rock (2018)School of Rock Franchising, LLC10 - Music Schools2018
27Singers Company (2018)Singers Company, LLC10 - Music Schools2018
28Teen Road to Safety / TRTS (2018)Teen Road to Safety, Inc.10 - Driving Schools2018
29Tutu School (2018)Tutu School Franchises, LLC10 - Dance Schools2018
30Webby Dance Company (2018)H & R Dance, Inc.10 - Dance Schools2018