08 - Computer Products and Services

/08 - Computer Products and Services
Sr. No.DBA NameLegal NameSub-categoryMost Recent
1Cell Phone Repair (CPR) (2017)MMI-CPR, LLC08 - Cell Phone Repair/Services2017
2Computer Hero, The (2017)The Computer Hero Franchising, LLC08 - Computer Repair2017
3Computer Troubleshooters (2017)Computer Troubleshooters USA, Inc.08 - Computer Repair2017
4Digital Doc (2017)Digital Doc Franchising, LLC08 - Computer Repair2017
5Electronic Restoration Services / ERS (2017)Restoration Specialties Franchise Group, LLC08 - Computer Repair2017
6Experimac (2017)Experimac Franchising, LLC08 - Computer - Other2017
7My Cell Repair (2017)MCR Ventures, Inc.08 - Cell Phone Repair/Services2017
8Nerds To Go (2017)GTN Capital Group, LLC08 - Computer Repair2017
9TeamLogic IT (2017)TeamLogic, Inc.08 - Computer - Other2017
10TekkEez Tech Repair (2017)Franchise Qualification Plus, LLC08 - Computer Repair2017
11uBreakiFix (Regional Rep.) (2017)UBIF Franchising, Co.08 - Cell Phone Repair/Services2017
12uBreakiFix (Unit) (2017)UBIF Franchising, Co.08 - Cell Phone Repair/Services2017
13WSI (2017)National Internet Corporation08 - Internet Related2017