07 - Health & Well-Being

/07 - Health & Well-Being
Sr. No.DBA NameLegal NameSub-categoryMost Recent
1AFC / American Family Care (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)AFC Franchising, LLC07 - Urgent Care2018
2AlignLife (2018)AlignLife Systems, LLC07 - Chiropractic Care2018
3BodyLogicMD Services (2018)BodyLogicMD Franchise Corp.07 - Wellness, Relaxation & Meditation2018
4Dental Fix Rx (2018)Dental Fix Rx, LLC07 - Dental Services2018
5Elements Massage (2018)Elements Therapeutic Massage, LLC07 - Massage Studios2018
6Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers (2018)Fyzical, LLC07 - Physical Therapy2018
7Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa (2018)Hand and Stone Franchise Corp.07 - Massage Studios2018
8Hands-On Diagnostic Center (2018)Hands-On Diagnostics Franchising, LLC07 - Physical Therapy2018
9Health Atlast (2018)Health Atlast, LLC07 - Chiropractic Care2018
10HealthSource Chiropractic (2018)HealthSource Chiropractic, Inc.07 - Chiropractic Care2018
11IKOR International (2018)IKOR International, LLC07 - Medical Services2018
12Joint Chiropractic, The (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)The Joint Corp.07 - Chiropractic Care2018
13LaVida Massage (2018)LaVida Massage Franchise Development, Inc.07 - Massage Studios2018
14Lice Clinics of America (2018)Larada Sciences, Inc.07 - Lice Removal Services2018
15MA Modern Acupuncture (Unit) (2018)ACU Development, LLC07 - Pain Relief & Acupuncture2018
16Manduu EMS Studios (Master) (2018)Manduu EMS, LLC07 - Physical Therapy2018
17Marilyn Monroe Spas (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)MMS Franchising, LLC07 - Spa2018
18Massage Envy (2018)Massage Envy Franchising, LLC07 - Massage Studios2018
19Massage Heights (2018)Massage Heights Franchising, LLC07 - Massage Studios2018
20MassageLuXe (Area Dev.) (2018)Massage Luxe International, LLC07 - Massage Studios2018
21MassageLuXe (Unit/Multi-Unit) (2018)Massage Luxe International, LLC07 - Massage Studios2018
22Miracle-Ear (2018)Miracle-Ear, Inc.07 - Optical & Hearing Products & Services2018
23Natural Rejuvenation MedSpa (2018)Natural Rejuvenation Medspa Franchising, LLC07 - Spa2018
24Neurosculpting Institute, The (2018)Neurosculpting Institute Franchising, LLC07 - Wellness, Relaxation & Meditation2018
25New Leaf Hyperbarics (2018)New Leaf Hyperbarics Franchising, LLC07 - Healing Centers2018
26NYS Collection Eyewear (2018)NYS Collection Eyewear, Inc.07 - Optical & Hearing Products & Services2018
27OrthoNOW (Area Rep.) (2018)OrthoNOW, LLC07 - Urgent Care2018
28OrthoNOW (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)OrthoNOW, LLC07 - Urgent Care2018
29Pearle Vision (2018)Luxottica Retail North America, Inc.07 - Optical & Hearing Products & Services2018
30Perspire Sauna Studio (2018)Sweat Equity Group, LLC07 - Spa2018
31Practice, The (2018)Pinnacle Franchising, LLC07 - Medical Services2018
32Pritikin Certified Intensive Cardiac Rehab / Pritikin ICR (2018)Pritikin ICR, LLC07 - Physical Therapy2018
33RX2Live (Regional Dev.) (2018)RX2Live, LLC07 - Medical Services2018
34RX2Live (Unit) (2018)RX2Live, LLC07 - Medical Services2018
35SEVA Beauty (2018)SEVA Beauty, LLC07 - Spa2018
36Skoah (2018)Skoah Franchising, Inc.07 - Spa2018
37Smile Source (2018)Smile Source, L.P.07 - Dental Services2018
38Spavia Day Spa (2018)Spavia International, LLC07 - Spa2018
39Specific Chiropractic Center, The (2018)That Something, LLC07 - Chiropractic Care2018
40Stretch Smart Infrared Therapy (Unit/Multi-Unit) (2018)Stetch Smart International Franchise, LLC07 - Wellness, Relaxation & Meditation2018
41Structural Elements (2018)Structural Elements Franchising, LLC07 - Wellness, Relaxation & Meditation2018
42US Cryotherapy / USCF (2018)US Cryotherapy Franchising, LLC07 - Cryotherapy2018
43Vision Source (2018)Vision Source, L.P.07 - Optical & Hearing Products & Services2018