04 - Building & Construction

/04 - Building & Construction
Sr. No.DBA NameLegal NameSub-categoryMost Recent
1101 Mobility (2018)101 Mobility Franchise Systems, LLC04 - Accessibility Services2018
2ABC Seamless (2018)ABC, Inc.04 - Exterior Improvements & Products2018
3Amramp (2018)Amramp, LLC04 - Accessibility Services2018
4Archadeck (Unit) (2018)Archadeck Franchising Corp.04 - Exterior Improvements & Products2018
5Arthur Rutenberg (2018)Arthur Rutenberg Homes, Inc.04 - Home Builders2018
6Basement Finishing System (2018)Owens Corning Remodeling Systems, LLC04 - Interior Construction Services2018
7Border Magic (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)Border Magic Franchising, LLC04 - Exterior Improvements & Products2018
8California Closets (2018)California Closet Company, Inc.04 - Closet Remodeling & Storage Solutions2018
9Closet & Storage Concepts (2018)Closets Unlimited of New Jersey, Inc.04 - Closet Remodeling & Storage Solutions2018
10Closet Factory (2018)The Closet Factory Franchise Corp.04 - Closet Remodeling & Storage Solutions2018
11Concrete Craft (2018)American Decorative Coatings, LLC04 - Exterior Improvements & Products2018
12Detail Garage (2018)Detail Garage, LLC04 - Garage & Garage Door Services2018
13DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen by Worldwide (2018)Worldwide Refinishing Systems, Inc.04 - Bathroom-Related Construction2018
14Epcon Homes & Communities (2018)Epcon Communities Franchising, Inc.04 - Home Builders2018
15Five Star Bath Solutions (2018)Five Star Bath, LLC04 - Bathroom-Related Construction2018
16Garage Experts (2018)Garage Experts International, LLC04 - Garage & Garage Door Services2018
17Glass Guru, The (Red-Lined) (2018)The Glass Guru Franchise Systems, Inc.04 - Window Repair & Services2018
18GoliathTech (2018)GoliathTech, Inc.04 - Exterior Improvements & Products2018
19Kitchen Tune-Up (2018)KTU Worldwide, Inc.04 - Kitchen & Cabinet Improvements2018
20Miracle Method Surface Refinishing (2018)Pistor and Associates, Inc.04 - Bathroom-Related Construction2018
21Mr. Sandless / Dr. DecknFence (2018)Mr. Sandless Franchise, LLC04 - Interior Construction Services2018
22Nationwide Lifts (2018)Nationwide Lifts, Inc.04 - Interior Construction Services2018
23NiteLites Outdoor Lighting (2018)NiteLites Franchise Systems, Inc.04 - Outdoor Lighting Designs & Services2018
24Pirtek (2018)Pirtek USA, LLC04 - Interior Construction Services2018
25Precision Door Service (2018)Precision Holdings of Brevard, Inc.04 - Garage & Garage Door Services2018
26Pro-Lift Garage Doors (2018)Pro-Lift Doors Franchise, LLC04 - Garage & Garage Door Services2018
27Ram Jack Foundation Solutions (2018)Ram Jack Systems Distribution, LLC04 - Exterior Improvements & Products2018
28Re-Bath (2018)ReBath, LLC04 - Bathroom-Related Construction2018
29Recycled Granite (2018)Recycled Granite Franchise, LLC04 - Exterior Improvements & Products2018
30SealMaster (2018)InFrasys, Inc.04 - Exterior Improvements & Products2018
31Sears Garage Door (2018)Sears Home & Business Franchises, Inc.04 - Garage & Garage Door Services2018
32ShelfGenie (2018)ShelfGenie Franchise Systems, LLC04 - Kitchen & Cabinet Improvements2018
33Superior Walls (2018)Superior Walls of America, Ltd.04 - Exterior Improvements & Products2018
34Tailored Living (2018)Tailored Living, LLC04 - Closet Remodeling & Storage Solutions2018
35USA Insulation (2018)USA Insulation Franchise Corp.04 - Interior Construction Services2018