03 - Personal Care

/03 - Personal Care
Sr. No.DBA NameLegal NameSub-categoryMost Recent
1Amazing Lash Studio (Unit/Area Dev.) (2020)Amazing Lash Franchise, LLC03 - Brows & Lashes Studios2020
2Barbershop, The / Guys' Place, The (Unit/Area Dev.) (2020)The Barbershop A Hair Salon For Men, LLC03 - Men's Barbershops2020
3Dashing Diva (2020)Dashing Diva Franchise Corp.03 - Nail Salons2020
4DaVi Nails (2020)Davi Nails Salon and Spa, LLC03 - Nail Salons2020
5Deka Lash (Unit/Area Dev.) (2020)DL Franchising, LLC03 - Brows & Lashes Studios2020
6Diesel Barbershop (Area Rep.) (2020)Diesel Barbershop Franchising, LLC03 - Men's Barbershops2020
7Diesel Barbershop (Unit/Area Dev.) (2020)Diesel Barbershop Franchising, LLC03 - Men's Barbershops2020
8Drybar (Unit/Dev. Agmt.) (2020)Drybar Franchising, LLC03 - Blow Dry Bars2020
9Face Foundrie Facial Bar (Unit/Area Dev.) (2020)Face Foundrie Franchising, LLC03 - Skin Care Services2020
10Fantastic Sams (Unit/Multi-Unit) (2020)Fantastic Sams Franchise Corp.03 - Unisex Hair Care2020
11Great Clips (Unit/Dev. Agmt.) (2020)Great Clips, Inc.03 - Unisex Hair Care2020
12Idolize Brows & Beauty (Unit/Multi-Unit) (2020)Idolize Franchising, LLC03 - Brows & Lashes Studios2020
13iTAN Sun-Spray-Spa / iTAN Salon (2020)iTAN Franchising, Inc.03 - Tanning Salons2020
14Kennedy's Barber Club (Unit/Multi-Unit) (2020)Kennedy's International Franchising, LLC03 - Men's Barbershops2020
15Lash Lounge, The (Unit/Multi-Unit) (2020)The Lash Franchise Holdings, LLC03 - Brows & Lashes Studios2020
16LunchboxWax (Unit/Area Dev.) (2020)Lunchbox Franchise, LLC03 - Waxing & Hair Removal Services2020
17Men's Hair House (Unit/Multi-Unit) (2020)Men's Hair House Holdings, Inc.03 - Men's Barbershops2020
18Planet Beach Spray & Spa (Unit/Area Dev.) (2020)Planet Beach Franchising Corp.03 - Tanning Salons2020
19Prose Boutique (Area Rep.) (2020)Prose Franchising, LLC03 - Nail Salons2020
20Prose Boutique (Unit/Multi-Unit) (2020)Prose Franchising, LLC03 - Nail Salons2020
21Regal Nails Salon & Spa (2020)Regal Nails Salon & Spa, LLC03 - Nail Salons2020
22Shubh Beauty Salon (2020)Shubh Franchise, Inc.03 - Waxing & Hair Removal Services2020
23Skin Type Solutions (2020)Skin Type Solutions Franchise System, LLC03 - Skin Care Services2020
24Sport Clips Haircuts (2020)Sport Clips, Inc.03 - Men's Barbershops2020
25Sugaring NYC (Unit/Area Dev.) (2020)Nartov Ventures, LLC03 - Waxing & Hair Removal Services2020
26Sun Tan City (Unit/Area Dev.) (2020)STC Franchising, LLC03 - Tanning Salons2020
27Tan Republic (2020)Tan Republic Franchise Company, LLC03 - Tanning Salons2020
28Touch n Glow (2020)Touch n Glow International, Inc.03 - Brows & Lashes Studios2020
29V's Barbershop (Unit/Multi-Unit) (2020)V's Barbershop Franchise, LLC03 - Men's Barbershops2020
30Waxing the City (Unit/Area Dev.) (2020)Waxing the City Worldwide, LLC03 - Waxing & Hair Removal Services2020