03 - Beauty-Related

/03 - Beauty-Related
Sr. No.DBA NameLegal NameSub-categoryMost Recent
1Abyssinia Hair & Beauty Clinic (Unit/Multi-Unit) (2018)Abyssinia Franchise, LLC03 - Skin Care Services2018
2Amazing Lash Studio (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)Amazing Lash Studio Franchise, LLC03 - Brows & Lashes Studios2018
3Barbers, The (2018)Barbers Source, LLC03 - Men's Barbershops2018
4Barbershop A Hair Salon For Men, The (2018)The Barbershop A Hair Salon For Men, LLC03 - Men's Barbershops2018
5Bellacures Nail Salons (2018)Enhanced Expansions, Inc.03 - Nail Salons2018
6Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center (2018)BHRC Franchising, LLC03 - Skin Care Services2018
7Bishops Cuts / Color (2018)Bishops Franchising, LLC03 - Unisex Hair Care2018
8Blo Blow Dry Bar (2018)Blo Blow Dry Bar, Inc.03 - Blow Dry Bars2018
9BodyBrite (2018)Simply Hairfree Franchising II, LLC03 - Waxing & Hair Removal Services2018
10BSO / Beauty Supply Express Outlet (2018)The Barbers, Hairstyling For Men & Women, Inc.03 - Unisex Hair Care2018