03 - Beauty-Related

/03 - Beauty-Related
Sr. No.DBA NameLegal NameSub-categoryMost Recent
118|8 Salon (2017)Ultimate Franchises, Inc.03 - Hair Care2017
2Amazing Lash Studio (2017)Amazing Lash Studio Franchise, LLC03 - Brows & Lashes2017
3Barbers, The (2017)Barbers Source, LLC03 - Hair Care2017
4Barbershop A Hair Salon For Men, The (2017)The Barbershop A Hair Salon For Men, LLC03 - Hair Care2017
5Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center (2017)BHRC Franchising, LLC03 - Cosmetic Aids/Services2017
6Bishops Barbershop (2017)Bishops Franchising, LLC03 - Hair Care2017
7Blo Blow Dry Bar (Canada) (2017)Blo Blow Dry Bar, Inc.03 - Blow Dry2017
8BodyBrite USA (2017)Simply Hairfree Franchising II, LLC03 - Cosmetic Aids/Services2017
9Butterfli Me Makeup & Lash Studio (2017)BMMS Franchise, LLC03 - Brows & Lashes2017
10Camille Albane Paris (2017)C.Alb Franchising, Inc.03 - Hair Care2017
11Cherry Blow Dry Bar (2017)Seabo Franchising, LLC03 - Blow Dry2017
12Cost Cutters (2017)The Barbers, Hairstyling for Men & Women, Inc.03 - Hair Care2017
13Cristophe (2017)Cristophe Licensing, LLC03 - Hair Care2017
14Dashing Diva Style Lab (2017)Dashing Diva Franchise Corp Corp.03 - Nails2017
15Davi Nails Salon and Spa (2017)Davi Nails Salon and Spa, LLC03 - Nails2017
16Deka Lash (2017)MJ MK Enterprises, LLC03 - Brows & Lashes2017
17Desert Sun Tanning Salons (2017)DST Franchising, LLC03 - Tanning Centers2017
18Dessange Paris (2017)Dessange Franchising, LLC03 - Hair Care2017
19Drybar (2017)Drybar Franchising, LLC03 - Blow Dry2017
20Elizabeth Grady Face First (2017)Elizabeth Grady Franchising Company, Inc.03 - Cosmetic Aids/Services2017
21European Wax Center / EWC (2017)EWC Franchise, LLC03 - Waxing2017
22Fantastic Sams (2017)Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporation03 - Hair Care2017
23Floyd's 99 Barbershop (2017)Floyd's 99 Franchising, LLC03 - Hair Care2017
24Frenchies Modern Nail Care (2017)Frenchies, LLC03 - Nails2017
25Gents Place, The (2017)TGP Franchising, LLC03 - Cosmetic Aids/Services2017
26Great Clips (2017)Great Clips, Inc.03 - Hair Care2017
27Griff's Shave Bar (2017)Ultimate Franchises, Inc.03 - Hair Care2017
28Hair Saloon for Men (2017)Hair Saloon Franchise Company03 - Hair Care2017
29Hammer & Nails (Area Rep.) (2017)The Hammer & Nails Salon Group, LLC03 - Hair Care2017
30Hammer & Nails (Unit) (2017)The Hammer & Nails Salon Group, LLC03 - Hair Care2017
31Image Studios 360 (2017)Image Studios 360 Franchise, LLC03 - Hair Care2017
32iTAN Sun-Spray-Spa / iTAN Salon (2017)iTAN Franchising, Inc.03 - Tanning Centers2017
33Lash Lounge, The (2017)The Lash Lounge Franchise LLC03 - Brows & Lashes2017
34Lemon Tree Family Salons (2017)Lemon Tree Development, LLC03 - Hair Care2017
35Lunchbox Wax (2017)LunchBOX Franchise, LLC03 - Waxing2017
36M Room (2017)M Room Group USA, Inc.03 - Hair Care2017
37Magic Brow (2017)Magic Brow Franchise, Inc.03 - Brows & Lashes2017
38Men's Hair House (2017)Men's Hair House Holdings, Inc.03 - Hair Care2017
39Merle Norman Cosmetics (2017)Merle Norman Cosmetics, Inc.03 - Cosmetic Aids/Services2017
40Miracle Eyebrows (2017)ME Franchising, LLC03 - Brows & Lashes2017
41Moxie Blowdry & Beauty Bar (2017)Moxie BBB Franchising, LLC03 - Blow Dry2017
42Mud Facial Bar (2017)Mud Franchising, LLC03 - Cosmetic Aids/Services2017
43Nail Garden (2017)Trinity Peace, LLC03 - Nails2017
44Namaste Nail Sanctuary (Area Rep.) (2017)Namaste Nail Sanctuary, LLC03 - Nails2017
45Namaste Nail Sanctuary (Unit) (2017)Namaste Nail Sanctuary, LLC03 - Nails2017
46Natura Waxing Lounge & Spa (2017)NWS Franchise Group, Inc.03 - Waxing2017
47Organic Bronze Bar (2017)OBB Franchising, LLC03 - Tanning Centers2017
48Organic Shimmer (2017)Organic Shimmer Franchise Company, LLC03 - Tanning Centers2017
49Palm Beach Tan (2017)Palm Beach Tan Franchising, Inc.03 - Tanning Centers2017
50Pelindaba Lavender (Unit) (2017)Pelindaba Franchising, LLC03 - Cosmetic Aids/Services2017
51Phenix Salon Suites (2017)Phenix Salon Suites Franchising, LLC03 - Hair Care2017
52Primp and Blow (Area Rep.) (2017)P&B Franchise, LLC03 - Blow Dry2017
53Primp and Blow (Unit) (2017)P&B Franchise, LLC03 - Blow Dry2017
54Regal Nails (2017)Regal Nails Salon & Spa, LLC03 - Nails2017
55Roosters Men's Grooming Center (2017)Roosters MGC International, LLC03 - Hair Care2017
56Salon Plaza (2017)Suite Management Franchising, LLC03 - Hair Care2017
57Scissors & Scotch (Unit) (2017)Scissors & Scotch Franchising, LLC03 - Hair Care2017
58Skin Type Solutions (2017)Skin Type Solutions Franchise System, LLC03 - Cosmetic Aids/Services2017
59Smartstyle (2017)The Barbers, Hairstyling for Men & Women, Inc.03 - Hair Care2017
60Sola Salon Studios (2017)Sola Franchise Corporation03 - Hair Care2017
61Sport Clips (Area Dev.) (2017)Sport Clips, Inc.03 - Hair Care2017
62Sport Clips (Unit) (2017)Sport Clips, Inc.03 - Hair Care2017
63Sun Tan City (2017)STC Franchising, LLC03 - Tanning Centers2017
64SuperCuts (2017)Supercuts, Inc.03 - Hair Care2017
65Tan Republic (2017)Tan Republic Franchise Company, LLC03 - Tanning Centers2017
66TONI&GUY Hairdressing (2017)TONI&GUY Salon Franchising Company, LLC03 - Hair Care2017
67TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy / TIGI Creative School (2017)TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy Franchise, LLC03 - Hair Care2017
68Uni K Wax Studios (2017)UKW Franchising Company, LLC03 - Waxing2017
69V's Barbershop (2017)V's Barbershop Franchise, LLC03 - Hair Care2017
70Waxing the City (2017)Waxing the City Worldwide, LLC03 - Waxing2017