00 - Conglomerate

/00 - Conglomerate
Sr. No.DBA NameLegal NameSub-categoryMost Recent
1Annex Brands Commerical Center (Navis Pack & Ship, Handle With Care Packaging Store, and Pak Mail Freight) (2018)Annex Brands, Inc.00 - Conglomerate2018
2Annex Brands Retail Centers (PostalAnnex+ / PAKMAIL / AIM Mail Centers / Parcel Plus / Sunshine Pack & Ship / Annex Copy Center / Handle With Care Packaging Store) (2018)Annex Brands, Inc.00 - Conglomerate2018
3ATL International (All Tune & Lube / ATL Motor Mate / All Tune Transmissions) (2018)ATL International, Inc.00 - Conglomerate2018
4Disc Replay Worldwide (Disc Replay / Super Mega Replay) (2018)Disc Replay Worldwide, Inc.00 - Conglomerate2018
5DRNK Coffee + Tea / QWENCH Juice Bar (Unit/Co-Brand) (2018)DRNK Coffee + Tea Franchising, LLC00 - Conglomerate2018
6Elmer's Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner / Egg N' Joe (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)We Are Crackin', LLC00 - Conglomerate2018
7Everything Yogurt Brands (Green Leaf's Beyond Great Salads / Bananas Smoothies & Frozen Yogurt) (Unit/Area Dev.) (2018)Everything Yogurt Brands, LLC00 - Conglomerate2018
8Figaro's Italian Pizza (Figaro's Pizza / Nick-N-Willy's) (2018)Figaro's Italian Pizza, Inc.00 - Conglomerate2018
9Flowers Baking Co. of Portland (Nature's Own / Dave's Killer Bread) (2018)Flowers Baking Co. of Portland, LLC00 - Conglomerate2018
10Freshway Food Systems (2018)Freshway Food Systems, Inc.00 - Conglomerate2018
11Fuzziwig's Candy Factory (Fuzziwig's Candy Factory / Sweets from Heaven) (2018)Fuzziwig's Candy Factory, Inc.00 - Conglomerate2018
12Ground Round (Ground Round Grill & Bar / Ground Round Sports Grille) (2018)Ground Round Independent Owners Cooperative, LLC00 - Conglomerate2018
13GVA Franchise (MyTaxFiler / GlobalCFOService) (2018)GVA Franchise, LLC00 - Conglomerate2018
14Happy Tax (Happy Tax / Opportunity Tax) (Area Rep.) (2018)Happy Tax Franchising, LLC00 - Conglomerate2018
15Happy Tax (Happy Tax / Opportunity Tax) (Unit) (2018)Happy Tax Franchising, LLC00 - Conglomerate2018
16Hi-Five Sports Clubs / Hi-Five Sports Zone (2018)Hi-Five Sports Franchising, LLC00 - Conglomerate2018
17High Rise Goodies (Trimana Express / Salad Got Soup / TacoLimon / PastaBenne / PizzaBenne) (2018)High Rise Goodies Restaurant Group, Inc.00 - Conglomerate2018
18HomeTask (Lawn Army / Yellow Van Handyman) (2018)HomeTask, Inc.00 - Conglomerate2018
19Hospitality International (Downtowner Inns & Suites / Master Hosts Inns / Passport Inn / Passport Inn & Suites / Red Carpet Inn & Suites / Scottish Inns & Suites) (2018)Hospitality International, Inc.00 - Conglomerate2018
20Jet-Black International (Jet-Black / Black Dawg Sealcoat / Yellow Dawg Striping) (2018)Jet-Black International, Inc.00 - Conglomerate2018
21KidzArt (KidzArt / Club Scientific) (Unit/Co-Brand) (2018)KidzArt, LLC00 - Conglomerate2018
22Monarch & Misfits (Sweet Jesus / La Carnita Stash House) (2018)Monarch & Misfits, Inc.00 - Conglomerate2018
23Moran Family of Brands (Mr. Transmission / Milex Complete Auto Care) (2018)Moran Industries, Inc.00 - Conglomerate2018
24Moran Family of Brands (SmartView / Alta Mere) (Co-Brand) (2018)Moran Industries, Inc.00 - Conglomerate2018
25Mr. Sandless Franchise (Mr. Sandless / Dr. DecknFence) (Unit/Multi-Unit) (2018)Mr. Sandless Franchise, LLC00 - Conglomerate2018
26Mud Franchising (MudbuM Facial Bar / Air Fitness Studio) (2018)Mud Franchising, LLC00 - Conglomerate2018
27NewPoint (Homes & Land / Estates & Homes) (2018)NewPoint Franchisor, LLC00 - Conglomerate2018
28ONE Sports Nation (ONE Sports Nation Youth Sports / Fun Size Sports) (2018)ONE Sports Nation, LLC00 - Conglomerate2018
29Sign & Graphics (Image360 / Signs By Tomorrow / Signs Now) (Red-Lined) (2018)Sign & Graphics Operations, LLC00 - Conglomerate2018
30Skyhawks Franchise Group (Skyhawks / SoccerTots / SuperTots) (2018)Skyhawks Franchise Group, LLC00 - Conglomerate2018
31Streamline Brands (SafeSplash / SwimLabs / Swimtastic Swim School) (2018)Safesplash Brands, LLC00 - Conglomerate2018
32Suite Management Franchising (My Salon Suite / Salon Plaza) (Unit/Multi-Unit) (2018)Suite Management Franchising, LLC00 - Conglomerate2018
33TOGI Brands (Oberweis Ice Cream & Dairy Store / That Burger Joint / Woodgrain Neapolitan Pizzeria) (Unit/Multi-Unit) (2018)TOGI Brands, LLC00 - Conglomerate2018
34Yoo Hotels & Resorts (Yoo Collection Hotel / Yoo2 Hotel) (2018)Yoo Hotels & Resorts USA, LLC00 - Conglomerate2018