00 - Conglomerate

//00 - Conglomerate
Sr. No.DBA NameLegal NameSub-categoryMost Recent
1American Blue Ribbon Holdings (2017)American Blue Ribbon Holdings, LLC00 - Conglomerate2017
2BAB Systems (2017)BAB Systems, Inc.00 - Conglomerate2017
3Big Apple Bagels / My Favorite Muffin / Brewster's Coffee / SweetDuet (2017)BAB Sytems, Inc.00 - Conglomerate2017
4CK Sales (Nature's Own/Country Kitchen/Sunbeam/Barowsky's/Cobblestone Bread Co./Tastykake/Wonder) (2017)CK Sales Co., LLC00 - Conglomerate2017
5Decor Group, The (2017)The Decor Group, Inc.00 - Conglomerate2017
6Everything Yogurt Brands (2017)Everything Yogurt Brands, LLC00 - Conglomerate2017
7Freshway Food Systems (2017)Freshway Food Systems, Inc.00 - Conglomerate2017
8Moran Family of Brands (SmartView Window Solutions / Alta Mere The Automotive Outfitters) (2017)Moran Family of Brands00 - Conglomerate2017
9ServiceMaster Company (2017)ServiceMaster Residential/Commercial Services Limited Partnership00 - Conglomerate2017
10U-Swirl International / USI (CherryBerry / Fuzzy Peach / Yogli-Mogli / Let's Yo! / U-Swirl Frozen Yogurt / Yogurtini / Aspen Leaf Yogurt) (2017)U-Swirl International, Inc.00 - Conglomerate2017